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We are looking to bring on a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Pella Corporation. This person will be directly responsible for supporting the entire recruitment lifecycle for positions across the business. The industry this recruiter will focus on primarily will be sales. The Talent Acquisition Specialist will also be a key contributor to projects stemming from the greater Talent Acquisition Strategy.

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The Talent Acquisition Manager is an integral part of the team. This is an opportunity for a strategic talent acquisition leader to join a revolutionary, fast-growing healthcare technology company and frame the TA functions from the ground up. Ideal candidates have an owner's mentality, are strategic thinkers, and excited about working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, and have extensive experience in healthcare recruiting. The Talent Acquisition Manager works with internal stakeholders to build a talent pipeline, coordinates hiring events, and provides recruiting support to fill open positions with high-quality talent promptly.

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As a Talent Acquisition Manager, you will develop, drive, and inspire a high-performing team of Recruiters and Recruiting Researchers, partnering closely with the business to hire top talent for the Content Legal organization.

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Job summary 4

We are looking for a Talent Acquisition Manager to support our Human Resources in being responsible for management, oversight, and implementation of all recruitment activities and programs including; sourcing, recruiting, hiring, backgrounds, and onboarding candidates for the City by developing quality sustainable and appropriate talent acquisition strategies, under the leadership of the Director of Human Resources. Sourcing all outlets as appropriate including internal employees, online databases, employee referrals, internet resources, and special outreach programs. Responsible for Leading and Managing a team of talent acquisition employees; and performing all related duties as assigned.

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Job summary 5

As a Talent Acquisition Manager, you will lead a team in the day-to-day execution of talent attraction and recruitment strategies to identify and select talent across identified units.

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Job summary 6

In this role, you will help shape the future of our organization. Your ideas will be welcomed and valued as you continually research the competitive landscape and gain market insights that help us to compete for the very best talent. You will represent the city in our community and be the heart of our organization. You’ll work with a great team of HR professionals and help grow and develop the Talent Acquisition function from the ground up. While you develop a broad, professional network and talent pipeline, the fantastic employees who come to work at the City of Boulder will always remember you and your team as the folks who helped launch this stage of their careers.

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Job summary 7

The Talent Acquisition Manager will lead our efforts to build, strengthen, and expand our business by attracting external talent and supporting internal mobility in both a strategic and tactical manner. Oversee the day-to-day recruitment processes, programs, and operations and directly interact with hiring managers to understand and fill their open positions.

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Job summary 8

As our Talent Acquisition Manager, you will be a critical part of the Company's growth strategy. You'll partner with a diverse group of teams to creatively identify and recruit top talent that will drive us forward. The ideal candidate is process-driven, detail-oriented, and eager to take on the challenge of helping the Company grow. You are committed to excellent candidate experience and constantly looking at ways to improve the recruitment process for candidates and the hiring panel. You enjoy sourcing and love the thrill of finding strong talent.

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Job summary 9

We are looking for an experienced Talent Acquisition Manager to join our team! Commercetools is experiencing tremendous growth, and our goal is to find and hire exceptional talent that will elevate the company and help us shape our future as a company.

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Requirements & Skills 9

Job summary 10

We are looking to hire a Talent Acquisition Manager. You will report to the Company’s Head of People and will mentor our Talent Acquisition Associate. You will take the lead on all recruiting efforts from authoring job descriptions to extending offers. But above all else, your priority will be to serve as ambassador to, and safe keeper of, our company culture. We are all about culture add - not culture fit. So if you love connecting with people and learning what makes them uniquely wonderful, you may love this job!

Duties & Responsibilities 10

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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a talent acquisition manager?

The role of a Talent Acquisition Manager, also known as a Recruitment Manager or Hiring Manager, involves overseeing the recruitment and selection process within an organization. Their primary responsibility is to attract, identify, and hire top talent that aligns with the organization's needs and objectives. Here are the key aspects of their role:

Workforce Planning: Talent Acquisition Managers collaborate with hiring managers and department heads to understand their staffing needs and develop a workforce plan. This involves assessing current and future talent requirements, forecasting hiring needs, and creating recruitment strategies accordingly.

Job Posting and Advertising: They are responsible for creating compelling job descriptions and advertisements to attract qualified candidates. They select appropriate job boards, social media platforms, and other channels to promote job openings and reach potential candidates effectively.

Sourcing and Candidate Screening: Talent Acquisition Managers employ various sourcing strategies to identify potential candidates. This may involve utilizing job boards, professional networking platforms, employee referrals, recruitment agencies, and conducting proactive talent searches. They review resumes, conduct initial screenings, and shortlist qualified candidates for further evaluation.

Interviewing and Selection: They design and conduct interviews to assess candidates' skills, qualifications, and cultural fit. Talent Acquisition Managers may use behavioral, competency-based, or technical interviews to evaluate candidates' suitability for specific roles. They collaborate with hiring managers and stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding candidate selection.

Employer Branding: Talent Acquisition Managers play a crucial role in enhancing the organization's employer brand. They promote the organization's values, culture, and unique selling points to attract top talent. They also ensure a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, regardless of the final outcome, as this can impact the organization's reputation and future hiring efforts.

Recruitment Process Optimization: They continuously evaluate and improve the recruitment process to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and candidate experience. This may involve streamlining workflows, implementing applicant tracking systems (ATS), utilizing data analytics for recruitment insights, and staying updated with industry best practices.

Talent Pipeline Management: Talent Acquisition Managers build and maintain a pipeline of potential candidates for future hiring needs. They establish relationships with passive candidates, maintain talent databases, and engage in talent networking to ensure a steady pool of qualified individuals for critical positions.

Collaborating with Stakeholders: They work closely with hiring managers, department heads, and other stakeholders to understand their hiring requirements, provide guidance on recruitment strategies, and align talent acquisition efforts with organizational goals. They establish strong partnerships to ensure effective collaboration throughout the recruitment process.

Market and Industry Knowledge: Talent Acquisition Managers stay informed about industry trends, labor market conditions, and emerging recruitment practices. They adapt their strategies accordingly to attract and retain top talent in a competitive environment.

Compliance and Diversity: They ensure compliance with applicable employment laws, regulations, and equal opportunity guidelines throughout the recruitment process. Talent Acquisition Managers strive to create diverse and inclusive candidate pools and implement strategies to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Overall, the Talent Acquisition Manager's role involves overseeing the end-to-end recruitment process, from workforce planning and sourcing to candidate selection and onboarding. They contribute to building a skilled and diverse workforce that supports the organization's growth and success.

Who does a talent acquisition manager work with?

A Talent Acquisition Manager works with various stakeholders within and outside the organization to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Here are some key individuals and groups they collaborate with:

Hiring Managers: Talent Acquisition Managers closely partner with hiring managers and department heads to understand their hiring needs, develop job requirements, and create a recruitment strategy aligned with the team's objectives. They maintain regular communication throughout the recruitment process, provide updates on candidate progress, and obtain feedback on candidates.

Human Resources (HR) Team: Talent Acquisition Managers collaborate with the HR team to ensure alignment with overall HR policies, procedures, and guidelines. They may work together to develop recruitment strategies, establish hiring criteria, and ensure compliance with legal and organizational requirements. HR may also provide support in terms of applicant tracking systems (ATS), candidate background checks, and onboarding processes.

Candidates: Talent Acquisition Managers interact directly with candidates throughout the recruitment process. They communicate job details, answer questions, and provide updates on application status. They may conduct interviews, assess candidates' qualifications, and provide feedback. Building positive relationships with candidates and ensuring a smooth candidate experience is a crucial part of their role.

Recruitment Team: In larger organizations or recruitment agencies, Talent Acquisition Managers may work with a dedicated team of recruiters or coordinators. They collaborate with their team members to distribute workload, delegate tasks, provide guidance, and ensure consistent and efficient recruitment practices.

External Partners and Vendors: Talent Acquisition Managers often engage with external partners and vendors to support their recruitment efforts. This may include recruitment agencies, job boards, career fairs, and other talent acquisition service providers. They may negotiate contracts, establish relationships, and collaborate on sourcing strategies and candidate referrals.

Employee Referral Programs: Talent Acquisition Managers promote and leverage employee referral programs to tap into their existing workforce's network for potential candidates. They work closely with employees to encourage referrals, communicate referral guidelines, and recognize successful referrals.

Diversity and Inclusion Teams: Talent Acquisition Managers collaborate with diversity and inclusion teams within the organization to ensure diverse candidate pools and promote inclusive hiring practices. They may participate in diversity initiatives, partner with community organizations, and implement strategies to attract candidates from underrepresented groups.

Onboarding and Training Teams: Once a candidate is selected and hired, Talent Acquisition Managers work with onboarding and training teams to ensure a smooth transition for new employees. They may provide necessary information, coordinate orientation sessions, and share relevant details to facilitate the onboarding process.

Legal and Compliance Departments: Talent Acquisition Managers liaise with legal and compliance departments to ensure compliance with employment laws, regulations, and company policies. They may seek guidance on employment contracts, background checks, and other legal requirements related to recruitment and selection.

Senior Management and Leadership: Talent Acquisition Managers may report to senior management or work closely with leadership teams to align recruitment strategies with organizational goals and objectives. They provide regular updates on recruitment metrics, talent acquisition initiatives, and contribute to workforce planning discussions.

Effective collaboration with these stakeholders is essential for Talent Acquisition Managers to successfully attract and hire top talent that meets organizational needs and supports business growth.

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