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Easy setup No credit card required
AI generates job descriptions, application forms, interview questions
Your jobs get posted to Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and other job boards
100Hires AI ranks candidates based on your requirements
Screening questionnaires with automated follow-ups
Email notifications to hiring managers until they
evaluate interviewees
Source & import candidates using our Chrome extension
Find personal emails and personal phone numbers using automated waterfall of contact finders
Multi-channel campaigns with automated follow-ups, email carousel, and warmup
More personal emails
of sourced candidates
Less time spent
on admin
Higher candidate
response rates
time to fill
Lower cost
per hire
Atiq Arshad
Technical Recruiter @Kidan

It solved all of my recruitment problems and offered all of the features I was looking for. It can automate most of my recruitment processes.

Source: G2
Philipp Maschelski
Talent Acquisition Partner @G42

I'd happily recommend it to my industry peers. I'm able to use the platform with ease and don't have to think twice what function to use.

Source: Capterra
Teodora Franich
HR Manager @TeachMeSkills

The system is very user-friendly. Even people with no experience will find it easy to understand its functionality.

Source: G2
based on 1,300+ reviews

Before 100Hires:

  • Candidates' data is scattered across multiple job boards and email inboxes
  • A lot of manual work to find personal emails and phone numbers of candidates sourced on Linkedin and Github
  • Your outreach emails land in candidates’ spam folders
  • Difficulty in tracking applicant status and progress in the hiring pipeline
  • Time-consuming process to schedule interviews
  • Inconsistent communication with candidates and team members
  • Limited ability to collaborate with hiring team members on candidate evaluations
  • Difficulties in generating and accessing recruitment reports and analytics
  • High risk of overlooking qualified candidates due to manual screening
  • Slow response times to candidates leading to a poor candidate experience

With 100Hires:

  • You have a centralized database for all candidate information
  • Automated waterfall of 5 contact finders finds the data for you
  • All your emails are read by candidates because of email warmup, email carousel and dynamic sending limits
  • Clear visibility of applicant status and progress through the hiring stages, custom pipelines
  • Automated interview scheduling, you can see everybody’s calendars
  • Streamlined communication with automated messaging and reminders
  • Enhanced collaboration with shared notes and evaluation forms
  • Easy access to comprehensive reports and analytics for better decision-making
  • AI-ranking and advanced search and filter capabilities to quickly identify the best candidates
  • Faster response times with automated workflows, improving candidate experience

Get more applicants from job boards

Post jobs to Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster and other job boards with just a single click. Your jobs will be visible on major job boards, increasing your chances of attracting top talent. With real-time tracking and analytics, you can monitor the performance of your job postings and optimize your recruiting strategy for better results.


Qualified 3 Disqualified 2
Rachel Green
1 d
Phoebe Buffay
5 h
Chandler Bing
2 h

Phone screen

Qualified 2 Disqualified 1
Dr. Ross Geller
Monica Geller

Streamline your recruitment process

All candidate information is easily accessible and organized in one place. With clear statuses and a history of all interactions and communication of your team with a candidate, you can track, and organize candidates, reducing duplicate communication and enhancing the candidate experience.

Match with the Senior Sales Specialist position

Dr. Ross Geller
Monica Geller

Save time by using AI

Ai-generate job descriptions, application forms, and interview questions. Ai-rank candidates to save time on screening resumes.

Email follow up 1 in 3 days
Email follow up 2 in 7 days

Reduce manual effort with Automation

Integrate your Google or Outlook calendar and email to streamline your workflow. Use knockout questions and duplicate detection in application forms, simplify interview scheduling across different time zones, automatically send notifications, follow-ups, and updates to candidates and teammates. Integrate any third party tool with Zapier.

Phoebe Buffay
Imported from
Searching Contact finder 1, didn’t find anything
Searching Contact finder 2, found personal email and phone #
‘Email template 1’ is sent using Mailbox 7 + ‘SMS template 1’

Get more candidates from Outreach

Import candidates from LinkedIn, GitHub, and other platforms using our browser extension. Discover 37% more personal emails and phone numbers through our waterfall of 5 contact finders. Validate email addresses, send multichannel campaigns, track, and automate follow-ups, achieving higher response rates with features like email warmup, email carousel, and dynamic sending limits.

Visitors Candidates Conversion
Indeed 7294 267 3.66%
Linkedin 3117 182 5.84% 617 45 7.29%

Gain valuable insights

Compare the performance of different job boards to identify the best sources for top candidates. Monitor recruiter productivity to optimize your team's efficiency and effectiveness. Our comprehensive reports provide the data you need to make informed decisions.

From: Rachel’s Email Carousel
Subject: {{Job name}} in {{Job city}}
Hi {{First name}},
{{Candidate-specific Icebreaker}} I have an interesting position for you. Are you available for a quick call?
Thanks, Rachel

Customize Everything

Create custom workflows, application forms, and interview questions for each job. Send personalized emails using candidate-specific or job-specific variables, ensuring a personalized touch at every step.

Questions? Chat with us! Typicallly replies under 5 minutes

Responsive customer support

We are always ready to assist you with any questions or issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process. Our responsive and helpful support team is committed to providing timely and effective solutions.

How well does the candidate know JavaScript?
Does the candidate align with company values?
Should we move forward with this candidate?

Choose the best candidates

Ensure you select the top talent with our structured interviews and blind evaluations. 100Hires sends interviewers notifications until each interviewee is evaluated so you don't need to chase interviewers for feedback.

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Enhance your employer brand

Easily embed a customizable career site into your website, eliminating the need for manual updates. Showcase your unique company culture and attract top talent with a seamless, branded experience that reflects your organization’s identity.

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