Talent Acquisition Coordinator Job Description

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As a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, you will provide critical recruiting support to the Talent Acquisition function by managing the expectations and requirements of candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and other stakeholders. Talent Acquisition Coordinators are responsible for ensuring that all activities related to the recruitment process are progressing effectively and efficiently at all times, and updating key stakeholders as appropriate. As a critical member of the team, you will be embedded within a set of technology stakeholders and recruitment delivery team(s).

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Job summary 2

The Talent Acquisition Coordinator is an integral role in supporting the recruiting function and contributes to the overall success of the team by providing a high-level candidate and customer experience, administrative support, and delivering operational excellence to the organization.

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Job summary 3

We are seeking an experienced Talent Acquisition Coordinator to start initially in a contract consulting capacity to support our Talent Acquisition team while working cross-functionally to support any location needed based on bandwidth. This position will provide logistical and operational support to coordinate key phases of a candidate’s life cycle as they move through the Company’s defined interview process. Emphasis on process-driven tasks requiring strong communication, technical skills, and the ability to both problem-solve and anticipate and address potential issues in advance.

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Job summary 4

The Talent Acquisition Coordinator provides administrative support and recruiting coordinator support to the Vice President, Global Executive Talent Acquisition, and the Global Executive Talent Acquisition Team. This position has a dual focus: performing standard administrative duties to support the VP and the Executive TA operation and recruiting coordinator duties to support senior-level job openings managed by the Senior Director and Directors on the team. Specifically, the TA Coordinator has responsibility for processing invoices, ordering supplies, organizing team meetings, preparing meeting materials, managing the VP’s calendar, and related administrative duties. In addition, for requisitions managed by the Senior Director and Directors, this position will support all activities involving the recruitment and selection of senior executive talent into Corporate or GM roles as well as other related projects and programs. The position has a significant focus on the candidate experience, e.g., ensuring timely scheduling of candidate travel and interview logistics, delivery of appropriate interview materials as well as effective communication with all stakeholders. As needed, this position provides support to the recruiters by maintaining accurate metrics, tracking Executive Talent Acquisition outcomes, and developing reports or presentations.

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Job summary 5

The Talent Acquisition Coordinator serves as a key member of the Talent Acquisition team and provides operations support to the focus areas including recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, and reporting. Additionally, gather and process qualitative and quantitative data around jobs, compensation, and employment trends. Support onboarding of new associates. Work alongside Sr. Human Resources Administrator; and, support the Head of Talent Acquisition, as required.

Duties & Responsibilities 5

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Job summary 6

We are seeking a passionate Talent Acquisition Coordinator with a high desire to learn, who, like the rest of our dynamic team, does whatever it takes to deliver the best in customer service. If you are interested in corporate recruiting, this is a great entry-level opportunity. In this role, you’ll handle everything from scheduling and hosting interviews to ensuring candidates have an amazing experience throughout the recruiting process. If you are organized, detail-oriented, and enjoy being part of a team, we’d love to talk!

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Job summary 7

The Talent Acquisition Coordinator will work on a combination of strategic projects as well as assist in driving our core recruiting operations.

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Job summary 8

The Talent Acquisition Coordinator will implement efficient and effective recruiting logistics for Company portfolio companies and Revantage. The Talent Acquisition Coordinator provides exceptional service to candidates and hiring managers.

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Requirements & Skills 8

Job summary 9

We are looking for a Talent Acquisition Coordinator to join our team that can identify and close on the best talent in the country across engineering, sales, and support roles.

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Requirements & Skills 9

Job summary 10

The Talent Acquisition Coordinator proactively and creatively develops strategies to build the company; sourcing, social media, and clinical/non-clinical recruitment strategies for future growth. Grows social media options, employer branding, and talent communities. Be an analytical problem-solver, digging into the current systems and processes and uncovering inefficiencies to improve while bringing fresh new ideas for process improvements.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a talent acquisition coordinator?

The role of a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, also known as a Recruitment Coordinator or Talent Coordinator, is to support the talent acquisition or human resources team in the recruitment and hiring process. They assist with various administrative and coordination tasks throughout the recruitment cycle. Here are some key responsibilities of a Talent Acquisition Coordinator:

Job Posting and Advertising: Talent Acquisition Coordinators assist in creating and posting job advertisements on various job boards, career websites, and social media platforms. They may also collaborate with the marketing team to ensure effective employer branding and attract qualified candidates.

Candidate Screening and Evaluation: They review resumes, cover letters, and job applications to screen and identify potential candidates who meet the required qualifications and criteria. They may conduct initial candidate assessments, such as phone screenings or basic skills assessments, to evaluate candidate suitability.

Interview Coordination: Talent Acquisition Coordinators schedule interviews, coordinate availability between candidates and interviewers, and send interview invitations and reminders. They ensure the interview process runs smoothly, providing necessary information and logistics to both candidates and interviewers.

Candidate Relationship Management: They serve as a point of contact for candidates throughout the hiring process, responding to inquiries, providing updates on application status, and maintaining open lines of communication. They also assist in managing candidate data and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Reference Checks and Background Screening: Talent Acquisition Coordinators may assist in conducting reference checks and coordinating background screenings for selected candidates, ensuring compliance with company policies and legal requirements.

Onboarding and New Hire Support: They may support the onboarding process by coordinating pre-employment paperwork, preparing offer letters, facilitating new hire orientations, and ensuring a smooth transition for new employees.

Data Management and Reporting: Talent Acquisition Coordinators maintain accurate and up-to-date recruitment data and generate reports on key recruitment metrics, such as time-to-fill, source effectiveness, and candidate demographics. They may also assist in analyzing data to identify areas for process improvement.

Collaboration with Hiring Managers and HR Team: They collaborate with hiring managers and the broader HR team to understand hiring needs, develop job descriptions, and ensure a seamless recruitment process. They provide administrative support throughout the recruitment cycle, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures.

Vendor and System Management: Talent Acquisition Coordinators may liaise with external recruitment agencies, job boards, or other vendors to support recruitment efforts. They may also be responsible for managing applicant tracking systems or recruitment software to streamline processes and maintain candidate databases.

The specific responsibilities of a Talent Acquisition Coordinator may vary depending on the organization's size, industry, and internal processes. However, their overall role is to assist in managing the recruitment process, ensuring efficient coordination, and delivering a positive experience for candidates and internal stakeholders.

Who does a talent acquisition coordinator work with?

A Talent Acquisition Coordinator works closely with various individuals and teams within an organization to support the recruitment and hiring process. Here are some key stakeholders they collaborate with:

Talent Acquisition/Recruitment Team: Talent Acquisition Coordinators directly collaborate with the talent acquisition or recruitment team. They work together to ensure a streamlined and efficient recruitment process, share candidate updates, and coordinate hiring activities.

Hiring Managers: They closely interact with hiring managers from different departments or teams. Talent Acquisition Coordinators communicate job requirements, collect feedback on candidates, and schedule interviews according to the availability of hiring managers.

Candidates: Talent Acquisition Coordinators are often the primary point of contact for candidates throughout the recruitment process. They provide information about the hiring process, schedule interviews, and respond to candidate inquiries. They also serve as a liaison between candidates and the hiring team, ensuring a positive candidate experience.

Human Resources (HR) Team: Talent Acquisition Coordinators collaborate with the HR team on various aspects of the recruitment process. This includes coordinating background checks, ensuring compliance with HR policies and procedures, managing candidate data, and assisting with onboarding activities.

External Vendors: They may interact with external vendors or recruitment agencies that provide candidate sourcing or background screening services. Talent Acquisition Coordinators coordinate with these vendors to ensure timely and accurate completion of tasks.

Marketing and Employer Branding Team: Talent Acquisition Coordinators may collaborate with the marketing and employer branding team to create attractive job postings, develop employer branding materials, and promote job opportunities through various channels.

Interviewers and Assessment Team: They coordinate and schedule interviews with interviewers and assessment team members. They provide necessary information and logistics, ensuring a smooth interview process.

Legal and Compliance Team: Talent Acquisition Coordinators collaborate with the legal and compliance team to ensure adherence to employment laws, regulations, and data protection requirements during the recruitment process. They may also assist with documentation and compliance-related tasks.

Effective communication, collaboration, and coordination with these stakeholders are essential for Talent Acquisition Coordinators to ensure a seamless recruitment experience and successful hiring outcomes.

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