10 Best Quality Control Job Descriptions

Quality Control Job summary 1

A Quality Control is responsible for supervising staff and maintaining quality control processes, analyzing the results and giving feedback and guidance to the production team under the direct supervision. Must insure and assist in determining if materials, product, and/or processes are in accordance with specifications. Ensure the staff follows the set processes and adheres to best production practices and product quality standards.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Quality Control Requirements & Skills 1

Quality Control Job summary 2

As an integral part of the team, the Quality Control helps define and carry out appropriate tests and inspections to confirm a products compliance with quality standards. Inspecting incoming materials and documenting test results are also important parts of the job.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 2

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 2

Quality Control Job summary 3

The Quality Control ensures through various audits, inspections, tests, and measures that the personnel performing under this contract follow approved procedures/directives when performing repairs to equipment, performing work under service calls, alterations, and maintenance and variety of electrical, electronic, and HVAC systems.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 3

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 3

Quality Control Job summary 4

The Quality Control is accountable for ensuring that the plant follows and adheres to quality protocols and produces the highest quality product. The Quality Control is responsible for managing Quality Technicians and developing a team of Quality Supervisors. Responsibilities include cost efficiency, continuous improvement on processes, service, and safety for an entire business unit across all shifts. The Quality Control works with production, maintenance and warehouse teams across the plant by communicating quality procedures and developing long term sustainable practices to maintain superior quality process.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 4

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 4

Quality Control Job summary 5

Quality Control is responsible for visually inspecting all products and determining what is acceptable and what is not, per the Defect Classification. Releases acceptable products to inventory, or rejects products that are defective.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 5

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 5

Quality Control Job summary 6

We are seeking a talented Quality Control to implement, manage, and monitor a Quality Control Plan for a facilities maintenance and operations support services.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 6

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 6

Quality Control Job summary 7

The successful candidate will possess the abilities and experience to design, manage, plan, coordinate, and head the quality control program designed to ensure continuous production/service consistent with established standards. Candidates will oversee the development and analysis of statistical data and specifications to determine present standards and establish proposed quality and reliability expectancy for Government standards.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 7

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 7

Quality Control Job summary 8

The Quality Control is responsible for implementation, improvement and execution of the Quality management systems (QMS) and project specific quality program requirements. They ensure that works are planned and executed in accordance with established policies, procedures, systems and requirements of the Company.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 8

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 8

Quality Control Job summary 9

The Quality Control is responsible for the quality management program. The Quality Control will independently administer the quality control management program and will have full authority to coordinate the rework of non‐conforming work and has full responsibility for assuring performance objectives and identified standards identified are met.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 9

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 9

Quality Control Job summary 10

We are looking for a Quality Control who has experience in quality control and shortage management. The candidate must be a team player and detail oriented.

Quality Control Duties & Responsibilities 10

Quality Control Requirements & Skills 10

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