10 Best Order Filler Job Descriptions

Order Filler Job summary 1

The Order Filler is responsible for the order filling of Company everyday roll wrap. The Order Filler will collect the identified items from the customer order form and pack these items into the predetermined shipping container. This position requires extended periods of walking.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Order Filler Requirements & Skills 1

Order Filler Job summary 2

The Order Filler is responsible for fulfilling customer orders in a manner that meets our standards for safety, security and productivity. The Order Filler is responsible for the completeness and correctness of all orders filled. Works with a moderate level of supervision in all facets of the fulfillment process.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 2

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 2

Order Filler Job summary 3

The Order Filler assists and reports to the Satellite Supervisor. The Order Filler is responsible for the, sorting, counting, and issuing of Individual Combat Equipment (ICE) and Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) to all customers. Also performs returns and exchanges. The Order Filler will be responsible for stocking front-line locations and processing sort locations.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 3

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 3

Order Filler Job summary 4

We are currently seeking an experienced Order Filler. You will work in a fast-paced distribution facility filling customer orders. Associates are expected to meet company objectives in the areas of performance, safety, and quality. Associates are expected to comply with all corporate and site-specific policies while meeting performance standards

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 4

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 4

Order Filler Job summary 5

The Order Filler performs all warehousing activities, to include, issuing, receiving, storing, inventorying, and shipping bulk items. This position is responsible for verifying and pulling shipments for packaging on behalf of the customer.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 5

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 5

Order Filler Job summary 6

The Order Filler is responsible for safe, secure, and accurate filling of customer orders. Replenish or pick product with direction from pick sheets or hand held computer. Obtains merchandise from bins or shelves to fill the order.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 6

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 6

Order Filler Job summary 7

Order Filler performs all warehousing activities, to include, issuing receiving, storing, reconstitution, inventorying, and shipping bulk and individual gear and equipment in support of Consolidated Storage Program (CSP).

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 7

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 7

Order Filler Job summary 8

As our Order Filler, you will be responsible for processing customer orders in a timely and accurate manner.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 8

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 8

Order Filler Job summary 9

A Order Filler position, picks items on ticket order to be shipped to customers.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 9

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 9

Order Filler Job summary 10

We are looking for an Order Filler.

Order Filler Duties & Responsibilities 10

Order Filler Requirements & Skills 10

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