Operations Administrator Job Description

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The duties of the Operations Administrator will be varied each day. Reporting to the VP, of Portfolio Operations & Strategy, this individual will also support the Chief Portfolio Engineers. Duties will include serving as a hub of communication for the team, tracking and monitoring division initiatives, managing budgets and expenses, and performing document management. The ideal candidate will be a multi-tasker with excellent time management and communication skills. This highly visible role includes collaboration and communication with internal teams, residents, and third-party consultants to alleviate the administrative burden of the engineering leadership team. The Operations Administrator is vital in ensuring that initiatives and projects are completed on time, within budget, and to our high-quality standards.

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We seek an Operations Administrator who will work across the affiliate to ensure all teams have unparalleled support to perform their objectives; support the Executive Director and Board of Directors; maintain a clean, organized, and supplied office for everyone; and manage the personnel aspect of the office and reporting to the Director of Finance and Operations.

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Job summary 3

The Operations Administrator is responsible for orienting and training others, and assigning and reviewing their work. May also be responsible for acting in a “lead” or “senior” capacity over other positions performing essentially the same work, or related technical tasks and reporting to a higher level on a formal basis. Internal contacts generally include administrators, faculty, students, and staff. External contacts generally include vendors, consultants, visitors, and the general public.

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Job summary 4

The Operations Administrator is the administrative leader who serves a critical role in department activities, innovation, and process efficiencies; all essential to meet the department's research strategic goals.

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Job summary 5

The Operations Administrator is responsible for executing on all back‐office operational and technological functions of the business. This position will work closely with the Director of Operations & Compliance, outside consultants, and vendors to implement the technology roadmap with a focus on successfully identifying and resolving issues for team members. The Operations Administrator will engage with clients and team members to create an exceptional experience for Wealth Management clients.

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Job summary 6

We are seeking a collaborative, solutions-oriented self-starter to join our mission-driven team as our Operations Administrator. The Operations Administrator will provide high-level administrative support to the Vice President of Sales Enablement and Operations.

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Requirements & Skills 6

Job summary 7

We are looking for an Operations Administrator to join our growing team. This role will report to the Manager of Sales Operations and will be vital in the success of the revenue organization and the company as a whole. You will be a trusted adviser to the greater sales operations team as well as an invaluable business partner and resource to the entire Sales Team. This is a highly visible position that requires interaction with senior executives, and staff members across sales, marketing, product management, finance, support, legal, and professional services.

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Job summary 8

The Operations Administrator is responsible for all front-office operations. The overarching role of the Operations Administrator is to ensure that these offices meet the highest technical and customer service standards and function cost-effectively.

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Job summary 9

We are seeking a qualified individual to fill our entry-level Operations Administrator position. Our Operations team is responsible for assisting customers with their delivery and fulfillment needs. The overall objective is to analyze the best course of action to resolve client needs and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Job summary 10

This posting is for an Operations Administrator.

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Frequently asked questions

What Is The Description Of The Operations Administrator?

An Operations Administrator, also known as an Operations Coordinator or Operations Assistant, plays a key role in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of an organization run smoothly. Their responsibilities and tasks may vary depending on the organization and industry, but generally include the following:

Administrative Support: This can include tasks like handling incoming calls and emails, managing office supplies, organizing files, and coordinating schedules and calendars.

Coordination of Operations: They may be responsible for coordinating various operational procedures, such as inventory management, logistics, or facilities maintenance, ensuring that all tasks are executed efficiently and on time.

Process Management: They often assist in the creation, implementation, and enforcement of business processes and procedures to improve efficiency and productivity within the organization.

Reporting: They may help prepare operational reports and analyses to help the management team make informed decisions. This might involve tracking performance metrics, analyzing operational data, or summarizing key business activities.

Liaison: They often serve as a link between different departments in the organization, facilitating communication and coordination.

Vendor Management: They may be involved in managing relationships with vendors and suppliers, including negotiating contracts, placing orders, and addressing any issues that arise.

Customer Service: In some roles, they may interact with customers or clients, handling inquiries, resolving issues, or providing information about the company's products or services.

Staff Support: They often provide support to other staff members, helping to onboard new employees, coordinate training programs, or assist with other HR tasks.

An Operations Administrator needs strong organizational and multitasking skills, good communication abilities, and a keen attention to detail. They typically need proficiency with office software, such as Microsoft Office, and may also need specific knowledge or skills related to their industry or the operations of their organization. Some roles may require a degree in business administration or a related field.

What Does A Operations Administrator Do?

An Operations Administrator, also known as an Operations Coordinator or Operations Assistant, is responsible for supporting the day-to-day operations of an organization. Their duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the industry and organization, but here are some common tasks that an Operations Administrator typically performs:

Administrative Support: They provide administrative assistance to the operations team or department. This includes tasks such as managing schedules, coordinating meetings, handling correspondence, maintaining files, and preparing reports.

Process Management: They assist in establishing and maintaining efficient operational processes and workflows. This might involve creating and documenting standard operating procedures, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations, and identifying areas for process improvement.

Data Management: They collect, organize, and maintain operational data and records. This could involve inputting data into databases, generating reports, analyzing data, and ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Logistics Coordination: They may be responsible for coordinating logistics, such as scheduling deliveries, managing inventory, tracking shipments, and ensuring the smooth flow of goods or services.

Vendor Management: They may work with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of goods or services, resolve any issues that arise, and maintain positive relationships.

Facilities and Equipment Management: They assist in managing facilities, equipment, and maintenance. This may involve coordinating repairs, scheduling maintenance activities, and ensuring proper functioning of equipment and facilities.

Budget and Expense Tracking: They may assist with monitoring and tracking operational budgets, processing invoices, and reconciling expenses.

Project Support: They provide support to operational projects, assisting with project coordination, tracking project milestones, and communicating project updates.

Communication and Coordination: They serve as a point of contact between different departments, teams, or external stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and coordination.

Process Improvement and Efficiency: They continuously look for ways to improve operational processes, streamline workflows, and enhance efficiency within the organization.

These responsibilities may vary based on the organization's size, industry, and specific operational needs. Operations Administrators often work closely with other departments, such as finance, human resources, and customer service, to ensure smooth operations across the organization.

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