Employee Relations Specialist Job Description

Job summary 1

The Employee Relations Specialist executes and delivers employee relations (ER) services. Serves as a member of the HR ER specialist’s team responsible for delivering HR ER services to the business. Administers complex processes related to the delivery of HR ER services within market locations – conducting investigations, corrective actions, conflict resolution, leave management, industrial/labor relations (IR), and monitoring compliance programs, for example.

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Job summary 2

Employee Relations Specialist will serve as a member of our human resource solutions team responsible for delivering employee relations services to the business. You will use employee relations knowledge to coordinate complex processes and deliver human resource services, which include conducting investigations, corrective actions, conflict resolution, leave management, industrial/labor relations, and monitoring compliance programs.

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Job summary 3

The Employee Relations Specialist will support the employee and labor relations team by being primarily responsible for managing and responding to workplace concerns through review, documentation, and fact-finding. This role will use data to identify trends in employee relations topics across the university and make recommendations for ways to proactively and preventatively address employees’ concerns. Acting with a high degree of integrity, the Employee Relations Specialist will ensure that all cases assigned to the employee and labor relations team are documented and acted upon in a timely and thorough manner. In addition, the Employee Relations Specialist will partner with managers and leaders across the university, as well as other HR functions, to create programs and initiatives that support positive relations among staff, faculty, and the organization.

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Job summary 4

The Employee Relations Specialist serves as a subject matter expert to advise employees and leaders on the proper procedure for handling employment matters and issues including employee relations, performance management, and employment law matters. Influences others regarding policies, practices, and procedures. Develops human resources solutions by collecting and analyzing information, presenting, and recommending courses of action.

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Job summary 5

The Employee Relations Specialist will provide support on Work Environment investigations being led by the Employee Relations management team. The ER Specialist will work in collaboration with investigators serving as a witness and note-taker during investigations, reviewing detailed evidence, writing case summaries, and providing observations and recommendations to improve the process and/or outcomes.

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Job summary 6

Employee Relations Specialists serve as valued members of the Employee Relations team, responsible for managing relationships between business leaders and employees at the local and regional levels, to promote fair and consistent treatment, employee engagement, and compliance with employment-related laws. Employee Relations Specialists are approachable, trustworthy, impartial, objective, and knowledgeable professionals who communicate effectively and deliver valuable services and support to the Company’s leaders and employees, in furtherance of the Company’s values and objectives.

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Job summary 7

The Employee Relations Specialist administers human resources policies and procedures that pertain to employee relations. They perform a variety of duties to promote employee welfare, such as resolving human relations problems and promoting employee health and well-being, and assisting management with performance concerns, disciplinary action, and conflict management issues. The Employee Relations Specialist may also be involved in developing reports, responding to non-routine operational and program questions within guidelines, and providing administrative support.

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Job summary 8

We are seeking an Employee Relations Specialist to support our employee population.

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Requirements & Skills 8

Job summary 9

The Employee Relations Specialist is responsible for addressing employee relations matters ranging from performance management issues and policy violations to investigating and resolving employee complaints related to workplace safety.

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Job summary 10

We are looking for an Employee Relations Specialist.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the skills of an employee relations specialist?

An employee relations specialist is a human resources professional who is responsible for managing the relationship between employees and the company. Their primary duty is to ensure that the company's policies and procedures are followed and that the employees are satisfied with their work environment.

The skills of an employee relations specialist may include:

Excellent communication skills, including active listening, verbal and written communication, and conflict resolution

Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information with discretion and professionalism

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to evaluate complex situations and provide effective solutions

Knowledge of federal and state employment laws and regulations

Familiarity with human resources management software and other relevant technology

Strong interpersonal and leadership skills to build relationships and effectively manage teams

Attention to detail to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures

Flexibility and adaptability to changing business needs and priorities.

What are the daily duties of an employee relations specialist?

The daily duties of an employee relations specialist may include:

Investigating and resolving employee complaints and grievances

Providing guidance and support to managers and employees on HR policies and procedures

Conducting training sessions on employee relations, diversity and inclusion, and other HR topics

Developing and implementing HR policies and procedures related to employee relations

Ensuring compliance with federal and state employment laws and regulations

Maintaining accurate records of employee relations activities

Collaborating with other HR professionals and department managers to identify and address HR issues

Conducting exit interviews and analyzing employee turnover data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

Overall, an employee relations specialist plays a critical role in maintaining positive relationships between employees and the company, ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations, and creating a healthy and productive work environment.

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