10 Best Day Porter Job Descriptions

Day Porter Job summary 1

The primary responsibility of the Day Porter is complete all day to day tasks to maintain the cleanliness of the property they are assigned to and to enhance each property’s appeal. Day Porters are the on-site eyes and ears for our property management partners; reporting all potential hazards to the Field Supervisor and/or Safety Manager immediately. The main objective is to provide our customers with a clean and safe environment. This position may be fast paced at times and requires physical work.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Day Porter Requirements & Skills 1

Day Porter Job summary 2

Day Porters are our company’s biggest ambassadors. The Day Porter position requires maintaining a professional, clean and attractive environment throughout the day.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 2

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 2

Day Porter Job summary 3

We are currently looking for a Day Porter for our location to perform basic maintenance, building repairs, cleaning and other janitorial work.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 3

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 3

Day Porter Job summary 4

The Day Porter is responsible to perform general inspection, cleaning, and stocking supplies in all common areas inside and outside of assigned building/property.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 4

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 4

Day Porter Job summary 5

The Day Porter is responsible for assisting clients with daily facility duties during normal business hours. Under the general direction of the Supervisor, the Day Porter is responsible for cleaning, maintaining and sanitizing client facilities according to the cleaning specifications for each building. Daily tasks include but are not limited to; cleaning entryways and public areas, trash removal, dusting, cleaning and restocking supplies in restrooms, break rooms and coffee centers, and lobby maintenance. The Day Porter position places you front and center with our clients. Being able to communicate effectively, clearly and with a positive attitude with different personalities and manage your time well is essential to your success in this position.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 5

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 5

Day Porter Job summary 6

Under general supervision the Day Porter performs general custodial duties which may include but is not limited to restroom cleaning, office cleaning, recycling, spill clean-up, cleaning common areas, litter removal and recycling during a customer’s normal business hours. Employees in this job class use proper materials and methods to assure facilities are clean and free of safety hazards. This job class requires knowledge of custodial practices, equipment, supplies and procedures; the ability to perform quality work in a safe manner; and strong communication skills in order to interact with customers.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 6

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 6

Day Porter Job summary 7

The Day Porter must have a keen eye, be organized, and able to follow a routine that provides regular inspection and cleaning of assigned areas. The Day Porter is friendly and accommodating and ensure the workplace is maintained for the client and visitors. She/He/They must be skilled in operating hand and electrical cleaning tools like dusters, brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners are required.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 7

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 7

Day Porter Job summary 8

The Day Porter keeps building in clean and orderly condition, interior and exterior.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 8

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 8

Day Porter Job summary 9

The Day Porter is responsible for continuously policing the facility and making sure it looks neat and presentable to the public. They help uphold the image of a facility by performing basic maintenance tasks including trash removal, front lobby support and restroom restocks throughout the day.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 9

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 9

Day Porter Job summary 10

We are looking for a Day Porter.

Day Porter Duties & Responsibilities 10

Day Porter Requirements & Skills 10

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