Regional Sales Manager Job Description

Job summary 1

The Regional Sales Manager (RSM) position is responsible for promoting and selling the entire brand portfolio of products and services to the Service Provider market within their assigned region. The Regional Sales Manager manages the territory by developing direct client relationships and by supporting all channel partners. The Regional Sales Manager needs to spearhead new standards, negotiate Master Contracts, and engage in problem resolution as the conduit between the customer and personnel. The Regional Sales Manager is self-motivated, embraces business travel, and presents the brand portfolio with a high level of professionalism.

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Job summary 2

We are looking for a Regional Sales Manager to join our team. This role will be responsible for managing business and carrying themselves with enthusiasm and passion for Company’s purpose, mission, and values. Reporting to the Director, the position exists to drive sales, build market share, and increase brand awareness while driving sales with long-term relationships with key regional chain accounts, brokers, and distributors within the geographically assigned market.

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Job summary 3

The Regional Sales Manager manages and directs short and long-range sales initiatives targeted toward existing and new markets with the intent of ultimately obtaining established goals by increasing sales to the current and prospective customer base while maintaining excellent profit margins, building rapport, trust and confidence with our customers (key contacts and decision makers). The Regional Sales Manager will promote, present, demonstrate, market, and sell all of the Company’s products and services. Specific task responsibility is to produce top-line sales revenue by the minimum as outlined in the current business plan for the specified region. This is to be accomplished by the sale, training, and support of Company products and subsequent account management. The sales goals will vary from year to year consistent with the Corporate Business Plan.

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Job summary 4

A Regional Sales Manager is responsible for the sale and market share of our products in a specified region or major geographical area and provides ongoing support to a product distribution channel. Regional Sales Managers focus on sales revenue and market share growth goals in their assigned geographic regions in alignment with the strategic objectives of the Company.

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Job summary 5

We have an excellent opportunity for a Regional Sales Manager supporting the sales territory. He/she will be accountable for the overall business direction and development of the assigned territory.

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Requirements & Skills 5

Job summary 6

We are searching for an experienced Regional Sales Manager at our location. In conjunction with the Internal Sales Team and Technical Sales Team, drives the overall Company business strategy. Develops and executes sales business plans and strategies to maximize revenue growth, increase market share, and position the company as a strategic supplier to key customers within defined regions.

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Job summary 7

The Regional Sales Manager is responsible for the sale of products and services to customers for Direct & Distribution.

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Job summary 8

Overall responsibility of the Regional Sales Manager is to achieve profitable growth through sales increases, management of independent reps, and the strengthening of relationships with key accounts while maintaining the profit and sales goals of the Company Sales Division.

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Requirements & Skills 8

Job summary 9

The Regional Sales Manager plans, directs, and coordinates regional sales activities of the organization’s products and/or services within a defined region. This position works closely with other senior staff members on corporate matters including planning, policies, and procedures.

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Requirements & Skills 9

Job summary 10

Reporting to the Vice President of Regional Sales, the Regional Sales Manager will develop and execute market strategies for assigned territories, accounts, and targets. This person will manage, train, and educate sales personnel and Company reps in the territory and assigned Company Groups. This person will perform and perfect sales, service, and administrative tasks and procedures. As an individual contributor, this person will lead and participate in multi-functional team efforts while understanding and effectively communicating all portions of the business. This person will also participate in and contribute to the success of business events, conferences, trade shows, seminars, and special events. We prefer candidates to be located in a major city within the assigned territory.

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Frequently asked questions

What are 10 things regional sales managers do?

Regional sales managers are responsible for managing sales activities within a specific geographic region. Their job duties may vary depending on the company and industry they work in, but here are ten common things that regional sales managers do:

Develop and implement sales strategies: Regional sales managers create and execute sales strategies that align with the company's overall goals and objectives.

Set sales targets: They set targets for the sales team based on the company's goals and work with the team to achieve these targets.

Manage sales team: Regional sales managers oversee the sales team and are responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and managing sales representatives.

Monitor sales activities: They monitor sales activities, analyze sales data, and identify areas for improvement.

Provide sales forecasts: They provide sales forecasts to senior management to help them make informed decisions about the business.

Build and maintain relationships: Regional sales managers build and maintain relationships with clients, customers, and other stakeholders in their region.

Provide customer service: They provide customer service to existing clients and customers to ensure their satisfaction and retention.

Conduct market research: They conduct market research to identify new opportunities for growth and keep up-to-date on industry trends.

Attend trade shows and events: They attend trade shows and events to promote the company's products and services and network with potential customers.

Prepare sales reports: They prepare sales reports, including sales performance, revenue, and expense reports, and present them to senior management for review.

Overall, regional sales managers play a critical role in driving sales and revenue growth for their company. They are responsible for managing and motivating the sales team, building and maintaining relationships with customers and stakeholders, and providing insights and recommendations to senior management.

What are regional sales manager skills?

A regional sales manager is responsible for overseeing the sales operations of a particular region or territory. This role requires a combination of sales expertise, leadership skills, and business acumen. Some of the key skills needed for a regional sales manager include:

Sales expertise: A regional sales manager must have a deep understanding of the sales process, from lead generation to closing deals. They should be able to create and execute sales strategies that meet or exceed revenue targets.

Leadership skills: Regional sales managers need to be able to motivate and lead a team of sales representatives, ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals. They must be able to provide coaching and guidance to help team members improve their sales skills.

Communication skills: Effective communication is essential for a regional sales manager. They need to be able to communicate clearly and persuasively with customers, team members, and executives. They should also be able to listen actively to feedback and input from others.

Analytical skills: A regional sales manager must be able to analyze sales data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement. They should be able to use this data to make informed decisions about sales strategies and tactics.

Customer focus: Regional sales managers must be customer-focused, understanding their needs and providing solutions to meet those needs. They should be able to build strong relationships with customers, earning their trust and loyalty.

Adaptability: The sales landscape is constantly evolving, so a regional sales manager must be adaptable and able to pivot quickly when necessary. They should be comfortable with change and able to develop new strategies and tactics to stay ahead of the competition.

Business acumen: Finally, a regional sales manager must have a solid understanding of the business, including financial metrics, marketing strategies, and industry trends. They should be able to align their sales strategies with the overall goals of the organization.

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