10 Best Program Analyst Job Descriptions

Program Analyst Job summary 1

We are seeking a Program Analyst with 5+ years experience. The Program Analyst will provide direct support to the Business Management Team, providing a business management and process improvement support. You’ll provide management support to assist with execution of budget planning/reporting, acquisition activities, formulation and recommendation of solutions for complex problems, modification and improvement of processes (continuous improvement) and support communications across the organization and with outside stakeholders.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 1

Program Analyst Job summary 2

The purpose of the Program Analyst position is to perform a variety of complex management and program analysis assignments. The employee typically applies qualitative and quantitative methods for the analysis and evaluation of both internal, organizational administrative operations and line health care program(s) to determine their efficiency and effectiveness.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 2

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 2

Program Analyst Job summary 3

We are in search of a Program Analyst with expertise in law enforcement capacity building programs, including training and mentoring as well as the provision of technical assistance, equipment, and software to support the Department of State, Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism Office of Programs (CT/P). The successful candidate shall provide support services to CT/P serving as a Program Analyst contributing to program planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting, and performance oversight and evaluation. The candidate shall have responsibility for an assigned country or geographic region portfolio that includes contributing to the design, development, planning, coordination, implementation agreements, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation of assigned portions of CT's worldwide programs and other CT related foreign assistance activities.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 3

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 3

Program Analyst Job summary 4

The Program Analyst will be responsible for the oversight and the management of complex Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program efforts; completing detailed client work objectives; serving as a liaison with clients; coordinating activities; negotiating tasks and solving problems.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 4

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 4

Program Analyst Job summary 5

The Program Analyst will review, edit and facilitate responses and other documentation related to GAO/OIG audits and identify major issues within complex problems to determine or recommend corrective action.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 5

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 5

Program Analyst Job summary 6

As a Program Analyst you will serve as a staff analyst, evaluator, and advisor to management. In this position, you will be responsible for planning, analyzing, evaluating, and improving the effectiveness of administrative operations and operating programs.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 6

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 6

Program Analyst Job summary 7

Working in a creative and fast-paced environment, the Program Analyst will work with operations and IT to develop, document, and implement improved efficiencies.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 7

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 7

Program Analyst Job summary 8

We are currently recruiting for a Program Analyst – (Acquisition Support) to join our team.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 8

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 8

Program Analyst Job summary 9

With the support of the Director of Analytics, the Program Analyst will build a comprehensive understanding of the organization's data system, and the value of those contributing to it. The Program Analyst will be a key agent in fostering a culture of data-based decision making across the organization.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 9

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 9

Program Analyst Job summary 10

We are looking for a Program Analyst.

Program Analyst Duties & Responsibilities 10

Program Analyst Requirements & Skills 10

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