10 Best Management Trainee Job Descriptions

Management Trainee Job summary 1

The Management Trainee will receive hands on training in all wage and salaried jobs in order to learn to manage a shift or an operational area in a service center. Once hands-on training is competed in each area the trainee fills in as a supervisor on various shifts and departments. The trainee will learn to manage a shift while emphasizing safety, quality, efficiency, service and delivery. The trainee also completes assignments while being assessed through knowledge indicators, writing papers, viewing management videos, recommending process improvements on operating procedures.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 1

Management Trainee Job summary 2

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? We're looking for a Management Trainee. Having proven the ability to provide extreme customer service, you are ready to take the next step. Partnering with store management, you will be expected to achieve personal and productivity goals throughout completion of the store training program. You may be subject to transfer to other stores as required throughout your training.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 2

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 2

Management Trainee Job summary 3

The Management Trainee will work under the general direction of a mentor(s), with various assignments and locations to develop the full set of technical and management skills necessary to function in major leadership positions to manage the entire operations of a facility. Departments included would be in converting, corrugate, shipping and as others as assigned. Shifts for this position will vary.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 3

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 3

Management Trainee Job summary 4

A Management Trainee undergoes practical training in a physician office which serves as a training ground for him/her to learn all the nuances of practice management in a systematic manner under the guidance of experienced managers. Under the direction of experienced personnel, a Management Trainee gains knowledge and experience required for promotion to future management positions. As an entry level management person, a Management Trainee will learn the operation of business from the ground level.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 4

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 4

Management Trainee Job summary 5

Under the direction of the Manager, the Management Trainee participates in the management trainee program. The trainee will rotate through all pineapple operating departments including land preparation, planting, irrigation, spray, harvesting, packing and shipping and agricultural engineering. Training will also include the coffee and cacao agricultural and processing operations. The trainee will work with department supervisors long enough to assume responsibility for their functions as a back-up supervisor.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 5

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 5

Management Trainee Job summary 6

The Management Trainee worked directly with the Site Manager at individual customer sites. This position includes over all training to take responsibility for operations at a customer site involving sanitation which include: cleaning procedures, safety, food safety, QA, customer relations, payroll, employee relations, staffing, budgets and billing.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 6

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 6

Management Trainee Job summary 7

Your focus as a Management Trainee is to learn all aspects of the store leadership role. This training program will equip you with the ability to develop vital leadership skills needed to lead the guest experience, people, business, and store operations.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 7

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 7

Management Trainee Job summary 8

The Management Trainee will learn branch operations through a series of work related assignments beginning at an entry level position. Trainees will gain practical hands-on experience as well as learn Company’s mission, vision, culture, and values. Upon successful completion of all work place assignments, the trainee will be able to apply for a management role within the company.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 8

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 8

Management Trainee Job summary 9

The Management Trainee is responsible for becoming competent in all plant processes including regulatory compliance, maintenance, quality, research & development, engineering, human resources, safety, managerial and administrative functions. Focus will be competence on how to achieve goals through the effective management of people, machines, processes and product specifications within the area(s) of training.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 9

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 9

Management Trainee Job summary 10

We are seeking eager, motivated management trainees to join our growing organization. In this Management Trainee position, you will be given the unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience required for promotion to management positions under direction of experienced personnel. The ideal candidates will be open to learning new things, not afraid to take chances, and interested in learning every aspect of running this company.

Management Trainee Duties & Responsibilities 10

Management Trainee Requirements & Skills 10

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