10 Best File Clerk Job Descriptions

File Clerk Job summary 1

We are looking for a conscientious File Clerk to ensure our records are sequenced and filed, and to capture tracking information in electronic databases. The File Clerk gathers documentation from internal departments, and codes material chronologically, numerically, alphabetically, and by subject matter. To ensure success you should have proficient understanding of the importance of accurate filling and maintain an accurate record-keeping system. Preferred candidates are focused, organized and thorough.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 1

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File Clerk Requirements & Skills 1

File Clerk Job summary 2

The File Clerk writes, types or enters information into computer to prepare correspondences, bills, statements, receipts, checks, and/or other documents. Performs routine clerical and typing tasks involved in processing varied office materials such as form letters, requisitions, spreadsheets, flow charts, workpapers, and envelopes. Verifies information for accuracy and completeness against existing records, posts information to records or ledgers, and issues equipment. Greets callers and assists them with general problems or complaints, answers telephones, refers calls or takes accurate and complete messages.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 2

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 2

File Clerk Job summary 3

The File Clerk performs basic clerical functions. Position activities will lead to accurate inventories of full goods and deposit items and clear documentation of logistics processes.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 3

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 3

File Clerk Job summary 4

Under direct supervision, the File Clerk handles all aspects of file maintenance in an accurate and confidential manner.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 4

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 4

File Clerk Job summary 5

The File Clerk is responsible for the receipt and accounting of funds being paid to the organization. The File Clerk provides support in the Accounts Receivable department by maintaining the accurate and timely collection of receivables and ensuring that all applicable policies and regulations are adhered to. The File Clerk prepares and presents reports/analyses to upper management and is the liaison with applicable vendors, agencies, and other company departments. This position makes journal entries and reconciliations and ensures the proper processes and protocols are followed with regards to company receivables.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 5

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 5

File Clerk Job summary 6

The File Clerk is responsible for operating data entry devices, such as a keyboard or computer, to verify and input data.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 6

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 6

File Clerk Job summary 7

The File Clerk will be responsible for providing administrative support to various departments while maintaining the integrity of the file system.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 7

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 7

File Clerk Job summary 8

We’re seeking an experienced File Clerk to join our growing team.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 8

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 8

File Clerk Job summary 9

The File Clerk provides business office clerical assistance by performing various office duties.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 9

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 9

File Clerk Job summary 10

We are seeking a detail oriented File Clerk to join our team.

File Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 10

File Clerk Requirements & Skills 10

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