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Brand Strategist Job summary 1

We're looking for a Brand Strategist to join our team and help lead the development of marketing strategies that will drive growth for our studio companies. You'll develop informed messaging strategies to engage specific audiences and campaigns to increase the impact of marketing for early-stage companies. Your work will focus on both short-term wins and improving long-term perceptions. In close collaboration with founders and teams, you'll provide the learning and recommendations that inform foundational product messaging strategy, marketing plans, strategic creative briefs that identify target consumer segments, key insights, potential channels, etc.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 1

Brand Strategist Job summary 2

In this Brand Strategist role, you will shape brand marketing decisions and develop core positioning and messaging with the objective of creating beautiful and intuitive brand platforms, campaigns, and stories. You will work cross-functionally and partner with creative teams to develop brand standards and systems along with executing our core awareness, engagement, and business goals. You will be responsible for all aspects of core brand strategy and marketing including insights development, research, and the development of brand standards. You will track and report how our brand performs and present insights and recommendations to advance our core mission and goals. You will also work closely with Product Marketing and the Brand team to help develop briefs for our partnerships and campaigns.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 2

Brand Strategist Job summary 3

We are looking for a Brand Strategist experienced in collaborating closely across various marketing disciplines; delivering superior work and service to a diverse, blue-chip clientele; and helping the team to win new business.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 3

Brand Strategist Job summary 4

Do you have a passion for making connections and building relationships with others? Would you love to manage several calendars, meetings, and agendas to ensure operations run smoothly? Are you an individual who thrives when working in a collaborative environment? You’re the type of individual who would be perfect for the Brand Strategist role currently available at our Company, where you will lead the Brand Council in developing brand-related initiatives and executing day-to-day brand council operations. In this role, you collaborate with internal teams, providing recommendations based on feedback to optimize execution and strategy, ensuring values align with the organization and client goals.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 4

Brand Strategist Job summary 5

We seek an experienced Brand Strategist to join the team. We are looking for a talented brand designer capable of creating the strategic vision for a wide variety of project types in the built environment. Candidates must have strong conceptual skills and the ability to communicate them graphically. You will be an integral member of a diverse network of design professionals who value collaboration, fresh insight, and bold talent. You will also be part of a sought-after culture that supports dynamic career advancement and prizes work/life balance.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 5

Brand Strategist Job summary 6

We are looking for a visionary Brand Strategist to craft client brand stories and build executions that are audience-led, insights driven, measurable, and on-brand. Combining rich insights through a lens that is both analytical in approach and creative in application enables the team to collaborate around key data to devise ground-breaking short- or long-term strategy that positions the brand to achieve their KPIs. The Brand Strategist will seek to deliver ideas and concepts that set our clients apart from others, creating a strong and/or unique position for market growth and recognition across channels. As Brand Strategist, you will work within the Strategy team and play a central role in leading qualitative data mining efforts including conducting audience research studies and developing campaign strategy for both entertainment and brand clients. The ideal candidate has a traditional brand planner background within an agency and is a gifted writer/storyteller.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 6

Brand Strategist Job summary 7

We are seeking a Brand Strategist to join our team. Our strategists work with brands across a diverse spectrum of industry categories, tackling the unique strategic needs of every client. As a Brand Strategist, you will own strategy projects from their ambiguous beginnings through to their execution and delivery. This means helping foster the early stages of the client relationship, identifying the strategic brand challenges to be solved, and answering those challenges through development of brand strategy, brand architecture, positioning strategies, and messaging platform.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 7

Brand Strategist Job summary 8

We are seeking a Brand Strategist to join our team. Smart, action-oriented, passionate and curious. We’re looking for someone who can jump in and get excited over a variety of brands, audiences and cultures with the goal of being a catalyst for creativity.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 8

Brand Strategist Job summary 9

We’re looking for a Brand Strategist to join our growing account team. As Brand Strategist, you’re the voice of the audience. You uncover insights and identify forces and dynamics that shape the world in which our clients operate. You take these insights and synthesize them into workable briefs and presentations that can be leveraged by our clients and our creative teams. The Brand Strategist is ready to jump in and serve as the strategy lead on a mix of B2B and B2C accounts and projects. You’re energized by being part of a small but powerful team of planners tasked with solving a diverse set of client problems.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 9

Brand Strategist Job summary 10

The Brand Strategist is responsible for using data and insights to drive effective behavior-changing communications solutions clients in partnership with the VP, Strategy. He/she/they will take responsibility for understanding the needs and behaviors of patients and leading the development of forward thinking and creative solutions across multiple channels. The Brand Strategist has an important role in the strategy department, able to partner effectively with their manager, the team, creative, account as well as able to independently lead assignments to inform strategies created across digital, social, and multi-channel engagement.

Brand Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Brand Strategist Requirements & Skills 10

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