10 Best Banquet Captain Job Descriptions

Banquet Captain Job summary 1

The Banquet Captain manages, administers, directs, controls and supervises the friendly and efficient operation of the Banquet staff to ensure efficient, friendly and professional service.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 1

Banquet Captain Job summary 2

This is a highly visible and key role responsible for the successful set-up, service, and tear down of all Banquet events to include coffee breaks, 3-meal dining, and bar operations. The Banquet Captain is responsible for the successful ownership and operational execution of Banquet Functions and duties.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 2

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 2

Banquet Captain Job summary 3

We're looking for a Banquet Captain. Join our top-rated food and beverage teams and transform your passion for great food into exceptional guest service—growing your skills in effective selling techniques, proper food and liquor handling methods, and restaurant operations.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 3

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 3

Banquet Captain Job summary 4

As a Banquet Captain, you will work hand in hand with the banquet managers and Event Director for oversight and execution of daily aspects for all banquet and event functions, as well as monitor, develop and lead a banquet team in a fun and positive environment.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 4

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 4

Banquet Captain Job summary 5

This is a highly visible and key supervisory role responsible for assisting the Banquet Manager in the successful ownership and operational execution of Banquet and Meeting functions and duties. The Banquet Captain serves as an unofficial hourly paid assistant manager to the Banquet Manager.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 5

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 5

Banquet Captain Job summary 6

The Banquet Server is responsible for set–up and clean-up of banquet rooms; serve banquets.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 6

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 6

Banquet Captain Job summary 7

It is the primary responsibility of the Banquet Captain to assist management staff and interact with other departments in maintaining banquet and convention facilities, plan and execute to ensure the success of banquet functions, and maintain high standards of guest services and employee relations. All duties are to be performed in accordance with federal, state, local laws, regulations, and ordinances, as well as department and Company policies, practices, and procedures.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 7

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 7

Banquet Captain Job summary 8

As a Banquet Captain, you will be responsible for assisting catering operations at the designated location. You will help with organization, inventory, maintenance reports, managing events, purchases of food and equipment that may be needed to run the department, and meeting and assisting clients.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 8

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 8

Banquet Captain Job summary 9

We are looking for Banquet Caprain to assist in overseeing all activities for our catered events.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 9

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 9

Banquet Captain Job summary 10

The Banquet Captain maintains and breaks down buffet for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in a safe, accident-free manner. Assists the guests as needed to ensure that all foods are properly served.

Banquet Captain Duties & Responsibilities 10

Banquet Captain Requirements & Skills 10

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