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The Neonatal Nurse is responsible/accountable for admitting, treating, providing care for, and discharging high-risk and unassigned newborns. Provides call coverage for off hours and weekends. Provides leadership and education for Women’s Services staff in the care of the sick / acutely ill newborn. Works with the Director of Women’s Services to assess, evaluate and maintain nursery equipment in an optimal functioning state. Works with staff, physicians, and the Director of Women’s Services to review, edit, and update nursery policies regularly to meet regulatory requirements. As Neonatal Nurse utilizes the knowledge base of nursing education and experience to deliver nursing care using the nursing process according to hospital policies, procedures, and protocols. The Neonatal Nurse responds to life-threatening situations with appropriate nursing interventions. The Neonatal Nurse organizes patient care delivery by prioritizing, delegating, delivering, and evaluating on an ongoing basis.

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The Neonatal Nurse utilizes a high degree of knowledge, skill, and competence in a specialized area of nursing to diagnose, prescribe, and treat seriously/critically ill pediatric or neonatal patients within the scope of a formal collaborative practice agreement with a physician(s) to support a designated clinical service.

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Requirements & Skills 2

Job summary 3

In this role, you will serve as the patient advocate and provide clinical expertise to assess, diagnose and medically manage neonates in the NICU. Through clinical practice, education, research, and consultation with multidisciplinary groups, the Neonatal Nurse will utilize a holistic approach to wellness.

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Job summary 4

The Neonatal Nurse delivers primary care to acute, critical, complex chronically ill, and well neonates collaboratively with the Division of Neonatology. The Neonatal Nurse provides comprehensive: physical assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation for patients and their families. The Neonatal Nurse also provides acute resuscitation, ongoing multi-disciplinary medical management, transitional care to sub-acute and lower-level neonatal units within the community, critical care consultations & evaluations, psychosocial support, & health education to infants/children & their families in the critical care arena. The Neonatal Nurse also functions as a clinical leader, educator, researcher, and consultant in collaboration with physicians of numerous subspecialties, nurses, and all healthcare team members. The Neonatal Nurse supports the philosophies of the department of nursing, as well as the medical staff.

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We are seeking interested candidates for a potential Neonatal Nurse opportunity!

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Job summary 6

As a Neonatal Nurse, you will be responsible and accountable for the application of the nursing process, supervision of clinical practices, research involvement, consultative services, inter and intra-departmental liaison, education, leadership, and patient care management across the health care continuum from preventative, acute care through discharge.

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Job summary 7

The Neonatal Nurse is responsible for providing emergency management, stabilization, and acute and continuous care to a caseload of neonates whose location may include the normal nursery, delivery room, transitional care unit, NICU, and during interhospital transport. As an advanced practice nurse, the Neonatal Nurse has received specialized training and education in the management of high-risk neonates.

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Job summary 8

We are now seeking Neonatal Nurses to provide patient care for newborn babies.

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Job summary 9

In collaboration with an attending physician, the Neonatal Nurse is responsible for the direct care and follow-up of a population of patients that matches his/her delineation of privileges and skill set. This care is delivered in defined inpatient hospital areas. The components of the role include clinical practice, consultation, professional development, education, and research. The Neonatal Nurses in these roles may be required to have acute/critical care education and certification. The appropriate education/certification will be determined by the scope of the role in a particular practice area.

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Job summary 10

We are looking for a Neonatal Nurse.

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