10 Best Nurse Job Descriptions

Nurse Job summary 1

The Nurse is responsible for carrying out medical and nursing assessments, physician's orders, administration of medications and providing assistance where needed.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Nurse Requirements & Skills 1

Nurse Job summary 2

Were looking for a highly professional Nurse who is comfortable reassuring parents and communicating with doctors as well as tending to the needs of his or her patients.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 2

Nurse Requirements & Skills 2

Nurse Job summary 3

We are searching for experienced Nurse to work in a growing hospital organization in the Medical Center. We are looking for who have 1+ years experience with Hospital.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 3

Nurse Requirements & Skills 3

Nurse Job summary 4

The Nurse is responsible for the coordination of health services, conducting &/or supervising nursing assessments & plans of care. Will collaborate with Physician & all Team members to develop Rehabilitation/Recovery Plans.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 4

Nurse Requirements & Skills 4

Nurse Job summary 5

The Nurse is responsible for the coordination of health services, conducting &/or supervising nursing assessments & plans of care.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 5

Nurse Requirements & Skills 5

Nurse Job summary 6

The Nurse is responsible and accountable for all elements of the nursing process when providing direct patient care using the nursing process and evidence-based practice to perform nursing functions related to coordination of patient care utilizing patient centered practices, and a focus on excellence in nursing care and customer service.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 6

Nurse Requirements & Skills 6

Nurse Job summary 7

The Nurse position is responsible for caring for the patients of the Medical Center.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 7

Nurse Requirements & Skills 7

Nurse Job summary 8

We are seeking a Nurse to join our team!

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 8

Nurse Requirements & Skills 8

Nurse Job summary 9

As a Nurse, you will be focusing in the areas of clinical quality improvement programs; utilization management and clinical standards that impact health service delivery.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 9

Nurse Requirements & Skills 9

Nurse Job summary 10

We are seeking a Nurse.

Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 10

Nurse Requirements & Skills 10

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