10 Best Radiologist Job Descriptions

Radiologist Job summary 1

The Radiologist performs Diagnostic Radiographic, Scan, Mammography, Bone Density, Ultra Sound or Special Procedures according to department protocols. Functions as the first line interface with customers and is successful in the accomplishment of their imaging needs. The Radiologist supervises Radiology staff in the absence. Maintains department supplies. Promotes teamwork and good customer service. Assists in annual evaluations and staff discipline. Does scheduling for assigned sub departments and maintains supplies and equipment for assigned sub department.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Radiologist Requirements & Skills 1

Radiologist Job summary 2

While skeletal x-rays remain the first radiological procedure usually performed on a patient, CT Scans, MRIs, ultrasounds and other modern diagnostic imaging procedures can now produce a non-invasive, three dimensional image of nearly any soft tissue body structure. The Radiologist interprets the tests results produced by these remarkable instruments and also perform various specialty procedures.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 2

Radiologist Job summary 3

The Radiologist perform high quality images and exams on patients while maintaining the sensitivity to patient needs. Follows standards of safe radiation practice. Demonstrates leadership abilities and is a role model for other associate technologists. Provides direct patient care including accurate testing, preparing for physical exams, lab draws, assessing and triaging patients, maintaining clinical supply inventory. Completes and processes appropriate paperwork necessary to conduct business and track patient care. Acts as a clinical resource to unit personnel and assures current standards of practice for the unit.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 3

Radiologist Job summary 4

We are looking for an enthusiastic licensed Radiologist with a passion of returning the patient back to their best possible health.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 4

Radiologist Job summary 5

Under minimal supervision, the Radiologist performs basic to complex diagnostic radiographic procedures, as requested by a licensed physician. Exercises professional judgment in providing health care services, applying x-ray energy, to assist in diagnosis or treatment of patients in all age groups.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 5

Radiologist Job summary 6

Radiologist performs radiologic images as directed by the physician or physician assistant and assists the clinic nurse with clinical duties as needed.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 6

Radiologist Job summary 7

We are looking for a Radiologist to join our team.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 7

Radiologist Job summary 8

Under general supervision, a Radiologist provides technical support and assistance to the physician during percutaneous peripheral vascular procedures. The Radiologist will be expected to perform scrub and hemodynamic monitoring duties with vascular catheterizations using clinical knowledge, technical skills, and professional judgment in accordance with professional and departmental standards and protocols. Will provide care assessment prior, during and post-procedural instruction to patients. Prepares and maintains all pertinent information related to procedures.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 8

Radiologist Job summary 9

We are looking to add a Radiologist to our growing team.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 9

Radiologist Job summary 10

We are looking to add a Radiologist to our team for our rapidly growing practice.

Radiologist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Radiologist Requirements & Skills 10

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