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Medical Scribe Job summary 1

Under general supervision, the Medical Scribe is to assist a physician with the medical documentation of a patient’s office visit within the electronic medical record system (EMR). In addition, Medical Scribe assists physicians in reviewing a patient’s test results, responding to messages or questions from a patient or another physician and in other ways as directed by the physician. Otherwise, scribes work with other employees in cooperative fashion in order to provide the highest quality medical care.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Medical Scribe Job summary 2

A Medical Scribe is responsible for relieving a physician of their clerical duties, thereby allowing a physician to focus their attention on providing the best care to the patient. They are responsible for locating and obtaining a patient's medical history, documenting dictated notes during a patient visit on the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), facilitating diagnostic test, all while providing unparalleled customer service to the patients.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 2

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 2

Medical Scribe Job summary 3

A Medical Scribe works one-on-one with a physician (MD/DO), physician assistant (PA), or nurse practitioner (NP), accompanying them into each patient encounter. Medical Scribes complete the Electronic Health Record (EHR)/charting in real time enabling providers to spend more time with their patients and increase the overall workflow of the department. A Medical Scribe types everything that occurs during the patient visit from start to finish; including the patient’s medical history, physical exam, patient outcomes, labs, imaging, dictations and more directly into the EHR. In return, Medical Scribes become familiar with the workflow of medicine, medical decision making process, medical terminology, and different provider styles to patient care.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 3

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 3

Medical Scribe Job summary 4

The Medical Scribe ensures accurate and timely documentation of the medical chart under the supervision of the medical provider. The Scribe assists the provider by accompanying them during the patient exam recording detailed information into the electronic medical record (EMR). The Scribe performs other related medical record or clerical duties to increase provider effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity for improved patient flow and satisfaction.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 4

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 4

Medical Scribe Job summary 5

A Medical Scribe acts as the personal assistant to the physician performing all documentation functions in the EHR system. The Scribe accompanies the Physician into the patient examination room and accurately transcribes the history, physical exam, documents the encounter and others present with the patient at the time. Documents all procedures performed and advise provided by the Physician.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 5

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 5

Medical Scribe Job summary 6

The Medical Scribe will work under the direction of the supervising practitioner and support their documentation of patient information into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). As a Medical Scribe, you are responsible for ensuring the well-being of patients and for providing a positive, supportive environment for patients and other staff while working in conjunction with physicians, advanced practice clinicians, front office and clinical staff. This role is center-based and requires working in a clinical setting. The noise level is moderate and there is a potential for exposure to infectious diseases and blood-borne pathogens. It requires the ability to stand and sit for hours at a time (with some bending and stooping), ability to use manual dexterity in relation to clinical requirements, and ability to lift 50 lbs. Hours may vary based on location, patient volume, and business needs.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 6

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 6

Medical Scribe Job summary 7

A Medical Scribe is a trained documentation specialist who charts patient encounters in real-time alongside physicians. Scribes will be working in the emergency department or clinic setting and will be exposed to medical procedures, medical terminology, and anatomy and physiology.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 7

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 7

Medical Scribe Job summary 8

The Medical Scribe is responsible for documenting patient data into electronic health records system, as well as assisting with patient care and related administrative tasks in clinic to increase efficiency and productivity of providers.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 8

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 8

Medical Scribe Job summary 9

Provides recording services to providers to ensure complete and accurate documentation of patient visits.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 9

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 9

Medical Scribe Job summary 10

We are seeking a Medical Scribe to join our team! You will transcribe medical reports by physicians and other healthcare practitioners.

Medical Scribe Duties & Responsibilities 10

Medical Scribe Requirements & Skills 10

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