10 Best Instructional Coach Job Descriptions

Instructional Coach Job summary 1

The Instructional Coach is a leadership position that provides a broad range of support in each school to raise the academic achievement level of all students through staff learning partnerships. Instructional Coaches provide professional development in whole group, small group, and through one on one coaching venues. A variety of coaching methods are used to promote adult learning and support professional growth.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 1

Instructional Coach Job summary 2

We are seeking an Instructional Coache whom will serve new teachers in a number of schools. The Instructional Coach will guide and support teacher professional learning and growth through intentional, face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid coaching interactions.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 2

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 2

Instructional Coach Job summary 3

Under the general supervision of the Academic Dean, the Instructional Coach is a critical lever in improving student achievement. The role of the coach is to build teacher capacity and their understanding of instructional practices as related to curriculum and Instruction. An Instructional Coach is a learner who models continuous improvement, lifelong learning, and goes above and beyond to ensure student success. Instructional Coaches will promote reflection, provide guidance and structure where needed, and focus on strengths, collaboration and common issues of concern. They are responsible for ensuring high-quality instruction in classrooms through modeling, co-planning, co-teaching and providing feedback to teachers.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 3

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 3

Instructional Coach Job summary 4

The Instructional Coach provides educational support to component districts with implementation of strong curricular programs and instruction. This entails, but not limited to, providing coaching around professional learning standards aligned curriculum, 3D lesson development, and problem-based learning. In addition, building relationships with business partners to add learning from experts in the field will be part of the role. Does other related work, as required. Works under general supervision of the Director of Educational Support Services.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 4

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 4

Instructional Coach Job summary 5

The Instructional Coach provides essential leadership for the school’s overall instructional program through support, training, and coaching to build school and teacher capacity to increase student achievement.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 5

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 5

Instructional Coach Job summary 6

Under direction of the Building Principal, the Instructional Coach serves as a teacher leader and specialist in math, science, reading, writing, or other specialized content area and facilitates professional development related to the school and district’s instruction and curriculum goals aligned with demonstrated instructional/professional needs. As a leader and specialist, the Instructional Coach works with, coaches, and supports other teachers and support staff in identifying, developing, and implementing curriculum, assessment and instructional strategies designed to improve student learning in specific areas. The Instructional Coach shares the responsibility for student safety and appropriate collaboration and attention to each student’s readiness to learn including needed guidance, discipline, and welfare.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 6

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 6

Instructional Coach Job summary 7

As an Instructional Coach, you feel driven to ensure teachers have the resources, support, and professional development they need to be successful. Your advanced knowledge of child development and early education inspires your colleagues, exciting them to bring their best selves into the classroom every day. Apply today to join our team as the Instructional Coach!

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 7

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 7

Instructional Coach Job summary 8

The primary goal of the Instructional Coach is to support beginning teachers in the development of skills and ability to become successful practitioners of effective instruction as required in the Effective Teaching Standards. In addition, Instructional Coaches work with all teachers to support the schools plan, behavior systems, and curriculum implementation.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 8

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 8

Instructional Coach Job summary 9

The Instructional Coach works in partnership with the building principal; provides leadership, training and assistance to District certificated and classified staff to improve the quality and effectiveness of instruction aligned to the District instructional framework and standards based system; models and supports effective instruction to increase student achievement consistent with state standards; provides professional development.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 9

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 9

Instructional Coach Job summary 10

The Instructional Coach fulfills the mission of Academy by assisting teachers and administrators in curriculum and instruction. He/she ensures that materials are being implemented correctly and that staff and students are receiving instruction based upon best practices in assessment and instruction. He/she works with Curriculum Administrator to ensure that data driven instruction is being practiced.

Instructional Coach Duties & Responsibilities 10

Instructional Coach Requirements & Skills 10

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