10 Best Editor Job Descriptions

Editor Job summary 1

We are seeking an Editor who can write, create and produce exciting and interesting content for broadcast, online and social content. Editors must be able to multi-task. The ideal candidates are creative problem solvers with strong journalistic judgment, detail skills and an ability to think creatively. Our Editors must be able to skillfully use social media and digital tools to research, discover and distribute content.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Editor Requirements & Skills 1

Editor Job summary 2

The Editor is responsible for editing, writing, revising, and proofreading communications and marketing copy that hones and furthers our mission to its target audiences while ensuring a consistent voice. You’ll work in a fast-paced environment where your creative juices will be called upon to craft communications, articles, marketing pieces, and stories for clients and Team Members.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 2

Editor Requirements & Skills 2

Editor Job summary 3

We are seeking an Editor to join our organization. As an Editor, you will have the opportunity to work with a talented team of editors and PMs to produce data processing documentation for a cross-functional environment.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 3

Editor Requirements & Skills 3

Editor Job summary 4

We are seeking an Editor to copy write, edit and proof all magazine editorial content, as well as organize editorial features for the production department at our office.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 4

Editor Requirements & Skills 4

Editor Job summary 5

We are looking for an Editor with an eye for detail and expert knowledge of the English language to coordinate, review and edit content, as well as manage all steps in the publication process. A successful candidate understands what kind of writing is appropriate for business executives and strives to provide exceptional, informative and engaging content to clients. Editors perform a variety of editorial duties, including formatting, fact checking and editing reports, research, conference presentations and time-sensitive deliverables for grammar, punctuation, clarity, concision and adherence to style and established methodologies.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 5

Editor Requirements & Skills 5

Editor Job summary 6

The Editor will work closely with the Director and other editors to plan daily news coverage and maintain a fast-paced flow of digital-first content. Primary responsibilities will involve working with staff and freelance writers to assign and edit news on deadline for content, style and grammar, and collaborating with the Design and Web teams to develop compelling visuals. The Editor will also work closely with writers and the Web Team to tell stories on our digital and social platforms. The Editor must keep current on news events, with an eye to finding stories that explain the science behind topics of wide public interest, as well as the latest scientific findings.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 6

Editor Requirements & Skills 6

Editor Job summary 7

The Editor has a strong background in editing, proofreading, creative content writing, journalism or blogging. They have a great eye for detail. The Editor is able to work independently and collaboratively as a part of an international team. The Editor is a dynamic and vibrant professional, passionate about modern pop-culture, including Music, Videos, Apps, Books and Podcasts. The Editor is eager to learn new skills.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 7

Editor Requirements & Skills 7

Editor Job summary 8

To contribute to strategic publishing plan and product roadmap for titles/ products in the designated market (Technologies for digital transformation). To establish publication methodologies, develop process for content delivery, and collaborate with academia and professionals in the domains to build credible content and digital asset pool. To contribute to the development of titles in emerging areas based on adaptation of one or more published titles in the area. Be responsible for content creation process from ideation to topic selection to commissioning and acquisition.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 8

Editor Requirements & Skills 8

Editor Job summary 9

We are seeking an Editor. The Editor will work with the Editorial Director, researchers, and communications team members to edit content for target audiences.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 9

Editor Requirements & Skills 9

Editor Job summary 10

We are looking for a talented Editor to join our team! In this role you will be working under the Managing Editor and responsible for proofreading / editing both long form and short form advertising copy for brands.

Editor Duties & Responsibilities 10

Editor Requirements & Skills 10

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