Director Of Engineering Job Description

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The Director of Engineering drives technical solutions and provides leadership and direction to project management teams/managers responsible for the development and execution of project scope, cost, and schedule from concept to the initial production of multi-discipline capital programs for the plants. This position reports to the VP of Engineering and partners with critical stakeholders in Supply Chain and external groups to develop plant goals and strategies and provides technical leadership, direction, and advice to R&D, Supply Chain Quality, Marketing, and other key leaders involved with the plants.

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Job summary 2

We have an opening for a Director of Engineering. The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to organize, plan, manage, document, and execute assignments within a demanding live broadcast environment. This person is responsible for the equipment that provides the content of our broadcast on-air program streams. The candidate will be responsible for monitoring multiple air channels, maintaining regulatory compliance, and assuring quality control of on-air products. The individual will be directly responsible for the supervision of the daily operation of the station. Responsibilities include oversight of all studio and field equipment and the supervision and motivation of the technical staff. The position will also be responsible for scheduling and planning the technical staff. The ideal candidate must excel in motivating and working with a high-energy team and should demonstrate success in budgeting, capital planning, and personnel management. This position reports directly to General Manager and serves on the station’s Department Head Team.

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Job summary 3

As Director of Engineering, you will help lead and grow both the DSE and SRE teams at the Company. Additionally, your scope may expand to build a team focused on internal tooling and engineer experience. You will partner with the VP of Engineering to establish a technical strategy in support of Harvest's needs as a business while strengthening Company’s engineering culture.

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Job summary 4

The purpose of the Director of Engineering position is to provide senior technical and engineering support. This individual will develop policies and procedures for managing the performance of MEP maintenance, staff, and associated systems. Essentially, maintains continuity throughout the entire portfolio.

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Job summary 5

We are seeking an experienced Director of Engineering that will lead talented software teams to build and ship new products in the suite of our checkout experience to buyers and sellers across the world. In this role, you will set the technical vision and direction in partnership with engineering management for the team’s roadmap while closely interacting with cross-functional roles in product management and design. If you are passionate about building amazing financial technology products at scale, come join us!

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Job summary 6

As the Director of Engineering, you will get your hands dirty coding and building the technology platform that is a key pillar of this business, while helping grow and manage technical resources, as well as the overarching technology vision. You will help set, manage, and drive the key technology initiatives necessary to ensure alignment among goals, timelines, costs, and quality. You'll be responsible for identifying, prioritizing, and solving our most critical technical challenges and opportunities. You will report directly to the CEO, and work closely with our current engineering team, clinical operations, and product leadership.

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Job summary 7

As Director of Engineering, you'll support several product/engineering teams working on adjacent areas of the Company's product.

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Job summary 8

As Director of Engineering, you will forge the company’s technical vision and lead our growing team of engineers. You will work closely with our product and marketing teams to oversee the build of innovative products and help student loan borrowers across the country achieve their financial goals.

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Job summary 9

As the Director of Engineering, you will be responsible for setting a technical vision and building and managing a team of highly effective engineers that can deliver on that vision. The team will include individual contributors, technical leads, and architects - all focused on creating and constantly improving one of the world's top online game platforms. You will also partner with program management to help prioritize building the best features our players crave.

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Job summary 10

We are looking for a Director of Engineering.

Duties & Responsibilities 10

Requirements & Skills 10

Frequently asked questions

What is the director of the engineering job description?

A director of engineering is a professional who is responsible for overseeing the engineering department of an organization. They work to develop and implement engineering strategies that align with the organization's goals and objectives.

The job duties of a director of engineering may include:

Developing engineering strategies: They develop engineering strategies that align with the organization's goals and objectives.

Managing the engineering team: A director of engineering is responsible for managing the engineering team and ensuring that they meet or exceed their performance targets.

Collaborating with other departments: They collaborate with other departments, such as product development and manufacturing, to ensure that engineering strategies align with overall business goals.

Managing budgets: They develop and manage budgets for the engineering department.

Evaluating new technologies: They evaluate new technologies and engineering tools to determine whether they are appropriate for the organization's needs.

Ensuring compliance with industry standards: They ensure that engineering solutions are compliant with industry standards, such as safety and environmental regulations.

What skills does a director of engineering need?

The skills of a director of engineering may include:

Strong technical skills: A director of engineering should have strong technical skills in engineering and technology, as well as experience with various engineering software and tools.

Leadership skills: They should have strong leadership skills to manage the engineering team and motivate employees.

Excellent communication skills: A director of engineering should have excellent communication skills to effectively communicate with colleagues, senior management, and other departments.

Analytical skills: They should have strong analytical skills to analyze engineering data and identify areas for improvement.

Financial acumen: A director of engineering should have the financial acumen to develop and manage budgets effectively.

Interpersonal skills: They should have strong interpersonal skills to build relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients.

Overall, a director of engineering plays a critical role in developing and implementing engineering strategies that align with the organization's goals and objectives. They must possess a combination of technical and personal skills, including strong technical skills, leadership skills, excellent communication skills, analytical skills, financial acumen, and interpersonal skills, to be successful in this role.

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