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We’re excited to add a Technical Architect to our team. In this role, you’ll work with a team of customer-focused professionals who are committed to defining technical strategy, architecting, designing and delivering end-to-end digital transformation. You’ll demonstrate strong technical competence and business acumen through engaging in technology decision-making discussions related to agility and business value surrounding M365 and cloud-based workplace solutions. You’ll empower other consultants by sharing subject matter expertise in large enterprise implementations, as well as overseeing delivery of large, complex, and strategic projects for enterprise customers.

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As a Technical Architect, you are responsible for engaging with our largest and most strategic customers to assess and design the technical rollout and launch plan for Slack. You are a key member of the Customer Success services team with a technical background and competencies in development, integration, solution architecture and security. You will conduct detailed technical discovery workshops, assess cultural, structural and business functions with security requirements while translating these findings for a foundational Slack solution built for scale and flexibility. This design will include details on the workspaces, user management, authentication, bots, integrations, and settings & permissions required to ensure there are no technical barriers to user adoption of Slack. You will be responsible for advising on integration implementations, including key production systems from GitHub, Jira, Workday, Google Apps, etc. In addition, you'll be customizing client applications. You love strategically working with clients and in this role you'll be advising customers on how best to implement Slack APIs and Developer tool kits.

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The Technical Architect is responsible for providing expert guidance to all levels up as well as to teams across disciplines and applications. This position provides an increased level of oversight for a diverse array of complex projects falling underneath lead developers. The ideal candidate will have specialized knowledge and experience in Android and/or iOS platforms and possess a proven awareness of instructional strategies for mobile development. This position requires strong leadership and an ability to bring structure to complex problems across multiple platforms. The most successful individual in this position will be one who can influence team execution across multiple platforms, and across function.

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The Technical Architect plays an extremely important role in the delivery of design and will be the lead technical resource for multiple studios. It is important that these leaders become well versed in the Company design culture, Gensler CAD/Revit platforms, Company specifications, Company production & construction administration standards, and the Company contracts & project management standards. The Technical Architect will be responsible for guidance, maturation, and development of staff members, as well as the proper deployment of staff to ensure the make-up of each project team suits each individual project's specific needs and requirements.

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The Technical Architect within the Reference Architecture team creates solutions to streamline delivery, improve quality and reduce costs of support for our applications. When we do our job correctly, we make it easier to deliver high quality applications to our guest and cast members. You should be confident in designing and engineering your own solutions to problems knowing there is more than one way to solve a problem and working through which path will be leveraged on your projects. We are looking for people who are engineers at heart. Willingness to learn new technologies and help improve our organization is essential for success on this team because one day you could be working on a deployment pipeline, next might be implementing a containerized build system and then end up triaging an automation issue in production.

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Job summary 6

The Technical Architect works within the Professional Services organization at Company. This position will serve in a technical consulting capacity to understand customer business requirements, turn them into technical requirements and apply them to the application to ensure customers’ success. The software is delivered in a cloud-based, on-demand environment and the candidate will work directly with global customers to deliver complex, global supply chain solutions.

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Job summary 7

As a Technical Architect, you will help customers realize their business goals and guide them on the most effective solutions for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid integration, and API management.

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Job summary 8

The Technical Architect will lead complex solution design evaluations and analyses of technical applications and services across multiple disciplines/functions. and will lead teams with a focus on policy and strategy implementation and control rather than development; short-term operational / department level tactical responsibilities. The Technical Architect will recommends alterations and enhancements to improve quality of applications and/or procedures and interface with business, industry groups and customer references. In addition, the Technical Architect will provide architectural guidance on all technology strategy matters and collaborate with other technical teams in the exchange and transfer of technical knowledge. Participate in the development and evolution of architecture standards, guidelines, reference architectures, and the IT Technology Roadmap.

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Job summary 9

As a Technical Architect, you’ll work as part of a team to deliver innovative, cost-effective and efficient IT products.

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Job summary 10

We're looking for a Technical Architect to join our team! You will act as the technical lead across several Release Trains and Scrum Teams. As a key member of the architecture team, you will work with Engineering Leads and Architects for each Release Train to guide the engineering teams in the development of new services, as well as the migration of existing ones to cloud native technologies. The right individual has strong hands-on technical skills and can influence the larger community of architects and software engineers to align everyone to a shared technology direction and strategy, while enabling implementation teams to make local decisions.

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