10 Best Devops Engineer Job Descriptions

Devops Engineer Job summary 1

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer. The ideal candidate will be an energetic person who will drive how the company deploys, verifies, and monitors applications and services. This person will interface with all stakeholders to define DevOps processes and shape the development culture. This role also assists in the ongoing improvement of CI/CD environment provisioning and development workflows. You will ensure that they have appropriate levels of monitoring and alerting set up for all applications across a mix of physical servers, private cloud and public cloud.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 1

Devops Engineer Job summary 2

Looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our IT department. This is a key role which focuses on building and maintaining the tooling and infrastructure used to automate the release, deployment, and upgrade processes for workloads. This individual will work on developing the automated pipelines for cloud environments as well as providing consulting services to application and infrastructure teams specific to automated build, test and release automation. This role will be responsible for the operations and operating environment for the DevOps platforms and will drive troubleshooting efforts around incidents and outages.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 2

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 2

Devops Engineer Job summary 3

The DevOps Engineer is responsible for designing, provisioning, monitoring and maintaining the cloud on-premise datacenter and public cloud automation framework. Successful candidate requires experience in systems engineering and cloud automation, be a critical thinker, a scripter with strong coding skills that will be used to automate repeatable tasks. Additionally, the candidate must be highly organized with strong communication skills and a mindset for continuous improvement.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 3

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 3

Devops Engineer Job summary 4

You will be responsible for maintaining critical internal and public server infrastructure with minimal downtime. From internally hosted servers used by employees for email, file storage, development and VPN to load-balanced external servers, you will maintain, upgrade and tune these critical business resources.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 4

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 4

Devops Engineer Job summary 5

We are in search of a DevOps Engineer. For us to satisfy our customers and continue our aggressive expansion plans, we must automate every part of our software development process. In this role, you'll help us achieve our automation goals, contributing hands-on and strategically.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 5

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 5

Devops Engineer Job summary 6

The primary roles of a DevOps Engineer are to troubleshoot, scale, architect, and automate production systems. You will work alongside skilled developers to build out the products and services that are at the core of the way we do business. Your responsibilities will focus on architecture and future expansion in a rapidly growing company.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 6

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 6

Devops Engineer Job summary 7

We are looking to fill a direct-hire position within our DevOps team. You will be looking to implement technologies including Jenkins, Docker, Azure as we are looking to move from an on-prem to cloud model.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 7

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 7

Devops Engineer Job summary 8

As a DevOps Engineer, you will play a role in the company's future infrastructure and design. You will work in environments to support internal stakeholders as well as external customers.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 8

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 8

Devops Engineer Job summary 9

Seeking talented DevOps Engineers to assist our team with a Network and Server Infrastructure migration project to AWS GovCloud. We are seeking DevOps engineers with experience working in an agile and fast past environment. Experience with AWS services and previous migration projects is a plus.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 9

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 9

Devops Engineer Job summary 10

Seeking an experienced Devops Engineer to join a newly established team focused on centralized software build and developer tool environments. The role involves automating, improving, and maintaining a multi-project software development environment which consists of custom and commercial tools. Candidate will interface with all members of the team to promote a DevOps culture and lead efforts to improve the build and tool infrastructure to maximize software development and release efficiency.

Devops Engineer Duties & Responsibilities 10

Devops Engineer Requirements & Skills 10

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