10 Best Database Administrator Job Descriptions

Database Administrator Job summary 1

Database Administrator plans computerized databases, including base definition, structure, documentation, long-range requirements, operational guidelines and protection. Ensures accuracy and completeness of data in master files and various support tools, such as base dictionaries. Establishes and maintains security and integrity controls. Formulates and monitors policies, procedures and standards relating to database management. Proposes and implements enhancements that will improve the performance and reliability of the system. Normally receives little instruction on day-to-day work, general instructions on new assignments.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 1

Database Administrator Job summary 2

The Database Administrator will support the Server Database environment with responsibility for creation of databases, performance tuning, cloning, copying, high availability, and data refreshes.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 2

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 2

Database Administrator Job summary 3

You are a forward-thinking Database Administrator with the ability to rapidly troubleshoot complex technical problems under pressure. You have a deep knowledge of database concepts and can implement scalable solutions. Your intellectual curiosity leads you to continually learn about the latest database technology. You have excellent communication skills and enjoy working collaboratively with others.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 3

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 3

Database Administrator Job summary 4

The Database Administrator maintains the integrity, security and availability of multiple database(s). Duties include disaster recovery, performance analysis and tuning, index maintenance, and monitoring of data. Administers, maintains, develops and implements policies and procedures for ensuring the security and integrity of the database. Candidate will evaluate and recommend available database management system (DBMS) products. Performs database and software life-cycle activities to ensure highest level of system performance and availability and compliance with business requirements. Candidate will perform SQL, Oracle, and MySQL Database and Application server administration. Candidate organizes and formats data for efficient query and storage processes.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 4

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 4

Database Administrator Job summary 5

The Database Administrator must be able to efficiently investigate complex database issues and provide solutions. They must have the ability to effectively interface with management, database team members, software developers, and customers efficiently investigate complex database issues, and provide solutions. The candidate will need to handle installations, upgrades, backups, and configuration.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 5

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 5

Database Administrator Job summary 6

Database Administrator manages and maintains all production and non-production databases. Responsible for standards and design of physical data storage, maintenance, access and security administration. Performs backup and recovery on Database Management Systems, configures database parameters and prototype designs against logical data models, defines data repository requirements, data dictionaries, and warehousing requirements.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 6

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 6

Database Administrator Job summary 7

The Database Administrator is responsible for installing, configuring, managing, and upgrading company databases. In this role you will provide day-to-day operational and technical support for databases across the enterprise, offering technical expertise to other members of the IT team.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 7

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 7

Database Administrator Job summary 8

We are seeking a Database Administrator to join our team. This position will provide support for and within the assigned relational database platform to ensure appropriate performance, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades are administered. The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of increasing experience and responsibility in Microsoft SQL Server administration. This role will partner with IT Development and Network operations teams with database issues and resolutions. This position will also perform troubleshooting and fix issues so that IT development teams and end-users have a good user experience.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 8

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 8

Database Administrator Job summary 9

We are looking for a motivated, resourceful Database Administrator with the desire to be a critical member of our team supporting both production and development environments. We value team members who strive to produce high quality work through collaboration with team members and customers while making a difference through individual contributions to ensure project success for our team and our customers. You will primarily be supporting the development team, while ensuring the stability of the production database. You will be working closely with technical team members to maximize the performance of the database in all environments and ensuring compliance with all security directives. You will be managing account access for the support team as well as application schemas.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 9

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 9

Database Administrator Job summary 10

This position designs, maintains, and controls the corporate databases and data dictionary. Establishes and enforces all database standards. Analyzes all informational requirements of new or production systems and develops database specifications. Establishes and enforces controls to ensure database integrity and security.

Database Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 10

Database Administrator Requirements & Skills 10

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