Retail Assistant Manager Job Description

Job summary 1

As a Retail Assistant Manager, you set the tone for the store and the team and help bring our brand to life for our customers. You’re responsible for driving profitable sales growth through all aspects of the store including; customer and product operations, merchandising, and talent development. You are responsible for supporting the execution of the store strategy to achieve performance goals. Through collaboration with your General Manager and/or Assistant General Manager, you will teach and coach behaviors to Leads, Experts, and Brand Associates to cultivate a high-performing team to deliver a best-in-class experience to our customers.

Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Requirements & Skills 1

Job summary 2

The Retail Assistant Manager is a member of the Merchandising Team responsible for merchandising our products in our stores globally as well as on our online site. Strong product merchandising and analytic skills are key to ensuring success in this role.

Duties & Responsibilities 2

Requirements & Skills 2

Job summary 3

As the Retail Assistant Manager, you are a critical leadership partner – a “co-pilot” to the Store Manager and someone the store staff can rely on for guidance and growth. You will partner with the Store Manager to create a highly productive environment in which customers have an extraordinary experience, employees can do their best and the business thrives. You are primarily accountable for developing and maintaining staff selling and service skills, in addition to the day-to-day operations of running a successful business with an authentic approach.

Duties & Responsibilities 3

Requirements & Skills 3

Job summary 4

We're looking for a Retail Assistant Manager who finds inspiration in the same things we do. Like community. Participation. Empowering others. Working as a team.

Duties & Responsibilities 4

Requirements & Skills 4

Job summary 5

The role of a Retail Assistant Store Manager is to support the sales goals and operational duties of the Store Manager. They also help hire, train, and develop staff while cultivating a culture that reflects the core values of the Company. In the absence of the Store Manager, the Retail Assistant Store Manager steps into their shoes and runs the store.

Duties & Responsibilities 5

Requirements & Skills 5

Job summary 6

The Retail Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting the Store Manager in supervising and managing Store operations. Plans and prepares work schedules ensuring coverage. Greets customers and answers phones to respond to inquiries and resolve escalated issues. Provides training on Store, company, and/or school operations. Receive and unload merchandise verify orders, and displays merchandise by company standards. Routinely audits accounting and cash functions to ensure policies and procedures are being followed in the store.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

Requirements & Skills 6

Job summary 7

As a Retail Assistant Manager, you’ll work with the Store Manager to create, execute and maintain the store business plan. You’re a critical leader in driving profitable sales growth through all aspects of the store including; customer and product operations, merchandising, and talent development. You are responsible for supporting the execution of the store strategy to achieve performance goals.

Duties & Responsibilities 7

Requirements & Skills 7

Job summary 8

A Retail Assistant Manager should be a resource for all departments, a model for customer service, a driver for sales, and a skillful problem solver. As a Retail Assistant Manager, you will support all store operations and departments in partnership with the Store Manager or General Manager. You may be involved in purchasing for one or more departments, directing operational functions, and/or scheduling and team development. At all times you will be expected to deliver outstanding customer service to the academic and co-curricular community while helping the store to meet or exceed sales goals, identify business opportunities, and motivate our team. With people management you may have direct involvement with training, directing, and counseling our team to help create excitement around our products, programs, and initiatives. And best of all, you’ll be part of a company that is consistently rated as a great place to work - and where employees love what they do.

Duties & Responsibilities 8

Requirements & Skills 8

Job summary 9

The Retail Assistant Manager manages the day-to-day operation of the store as Manager On-Duty in conjunction with the management team to maximize sales and customer service.

Duties & Responsibilities 9

Requirements & Skills 9

Job summary 10

As Retail Assistant Manager, you own customer resolution. Always in the customer's corner, you're empowered to make timely decisions to accommodate their needs and address their concerns. As a mentor, educator, and coach, you develop creative ways to encourage your team to meet sales goals and turn out a top-notch performance every day.

Duties & Responsibilities 10

Requirements & Skills 10

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