10 Best Stock Clerk Job Descriptions

Stock Clerk Job summary 1

The Stock Clerk is responsible for performing the physical and administrative tasks supporting the receiving, storing, distribution and shipping of electrostatic sensitive materials, machined parts, supplies and equipment. Receives incoming materials, unpacks and checks goods received against purchase orders or invoices. Verifies quantity and conformance of materials to stated identifications rejecting unsatisfactory items where necessary. Maintains records of received goods, packing sheets, and other documents using an Inventory Management System. Stocks and distributes materials in inventory and on manufacturing lines. Lifts heavy items and may operate material handling equipment such as pallet jacks etc.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 1

Stock Clerk Job summary 2

The Stock Clerk supports the Facility by performing a variety of duties such as receipt and distribution of stock, count and inspection for the condition of all deliveries. This position may require the ability to work a variety of overtime hours, which includes evenings, weekends and overnight hours.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 2

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 2

Stock Clerk Job summary 3

A Stock Clerk is responsible for specialized stockroom tasks including order pulling, inventory control, receiving, packaging of finished goods, and shipping.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 3

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 3

Stock Clerk Job summary 4

The Stock Clerk is responsible for maintaining inventory storage and retrieval in the component warehouse. Operations, Planning, Customer Service, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Finance and Quality organizations. The Stock Clerk is expected to take direction from the supervisor and to provide timely delivery of materials to operations and manage inventory storage with a high degree of accuracy.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 4

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 4

Stock Clerk Job summary 5

A Stock Clerk performs full range of duties in the receipt, stowing, kitting, and issuing of material. Provides first article inspection, if required, as depot contract agreement. Complies and inputs Distribution Standard System data, count, sort, weigh incoming articles to verify receipt of items on requisition or invoice.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 5

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 5

Stock Clerk Job summary 6

A Stock Clerk performs a variety of tasks including; ensuring processing of charge sheets, ensuring floors and department stock areas are stocked to par, clean, organized and supplies are properly rotated. Places orders for storeroom supplies.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 6

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 6

Stock Clerk Job summary 7

We are looking for a Stock Clerk to join our team.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 7

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 7

Stock Clerk Job summary 8

We’re looking for someone too accept and unpack pallets and deliver supplies to the correct facilities and departments that need them. Great listening skills and a passion for helping people are also good skills to have! Applicants should be friendly and professional.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 8

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 8

Stock Clerk Job summary 9

Responsible for providing members with prompt and courteous service and assistance, replenishing and stocking merchandise, and keeping the sales floor clean, neat and fully organized.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 9

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 9

Stock Clerk Job summary 10

We are seeking an experienced Stock Clerk.

Stock Clerk Duties & Responsibilities 10

Stock Clerk Requirements & Skills 10

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