10 Best Purchaser Job Descriptions

Purchaser Job summary 1

A Purchaser performs complex (journey-level) purchasing work and procurement work. Work involves researching, evaluating, purchasing and procuring commodities, equipment and services using guidelines, rules, policies, and laws. May provide guidance to others. Works under general supervision, with moderate latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Purchaser Requirements & Skills 1

Purchaser Job summary 2

The primary function of the Purchaser is to ensure that items in their assigned categories are sourced to meet the needs of the business from the point of view of cost, quality, and availability. They will work closely with the Purchasing Manager and sales team to refine plans to maximize availability while minimizing waste. The Purchaser will develop expertise in their assigned categories ensuring the supply market is well understood, including potential risks and contingencies.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 2

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 2

Purchaser Job summary 3

The Purchaser position requires knowledge of purchasing and inventory control with an energetic work ethic able to adapt with changing priorities. Daily job requirements remain consistent but can change. Must be able to work closely with others in a team atmosphere on various projects as assigned. Daily duties will include, but are not limited to, entering of purchase orders placed, search O.E.M.s and independent parts sources for certified and traceable product at the best price. Multiple airframes or specific component groups are assigned to each Purchaser with numerous aircraft within each airframe or group on site or scheduled for future work at any given time.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 3

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 3

Purchaser Job summary 4

Purchaser performs complex purchasing and procurement related work involving the purchase and procurement of commodities and services. May review and assign completed and approved requisitions to the appropriate sourcing teams. Maintains records of items purchased, received, prepared, and issued.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 4

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 4

Purchaser Job summary 5

The ideal candidate will be detailed oriented. The Purchasern should understand the markets we serve as well as how to evaluate different suppliers. Communication skills are critical for successful negotiations as well as maintaining supplier relationships.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 5

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 5

Purchaser Job summary 6

The Purchaser position is responsible for the day-to-day inventory and purchasing of all maintenance parts, chemicals and the upkeep of Company, the computerized maintenance management system.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 6

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 6

Purchaser Job summary 7

The Purchaser will buy products from various vendors and suppliers. You will work independently in a highly collaborative environment that requires frequent communication with other departments.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 7

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 7

Purchaser Job summary 8

We are seeking a Purchaser that can perform complex purchasing and procurement work. Responsibilities include the timely processing of orders; adhering to state purchasing guidelines, rules, and agency processes; and maintaining oversight-reporting requirements. The position requires excellent organizational and communication skills with the ability to make recommendations and exhibit independent judgement.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 8

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 8

Purchaser Job summary 9

The Purchaser is responsible for set up and purchase of raw material product assortments, assisting in the inventory management, and supporting the Private Label development and production for properties within the Company. This position plays a critical role in the ongoing operations and production of the wholesale, retail and e-commerce business.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 9

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 9

Purchaser Job summary 10

We are currently recruiting for a Purchaser for our location.

Purchaser Duties & Responsibilities 10

Purchaser Requirements & Skills 10

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