10 Best Network Administrator Job Descriptions

Network Administrator Job summary 1

The Network Administrator provides day-to-day administration, security, enhancement and documentation of internal network. The Network Administrator provides prompt IT support and assistance with a variety of day-to-day tasks to support the IT team and staff with security, enhancement and documentation of the network.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 1

Network Administrator Job summary 2

The Network Administrator is responsible for the management and execution of the IT infrastructure for the company. He or she will work with the CEO to effectively manage the technical operations and projects to align with the organization’s goals. The position will help create and establish IT policies & procedures. He or She will also analyze the business requirements internally and for the client's technology needs. The ideal candidate must have a solid technical background and be able to work as a team. They must be able to create and implement IT policies and implement systems that meet company standards. The goal of the position is to ensure IT systems work internally and the proper tools are in place and working for remote support and our clients. An efficient, productive and problem-free IT environment is the ultimate goal of this position.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 2

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 2

Network Administrator Job summary 3

Support the effectiveness of the credit union’s full range of technical infrastructure and services. Plan, design, implement, and maintain the full range of technical infrastructure to ensure IT products and services are robust, reliable, adaptable, technologically current, and resilient.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 3

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 3

Network Administrator Job summary 4

The Network Administrator manages and maintains corporate network and telecommunication needs.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 4

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 4

Network Administrator Job summary 5

We are seeking qualified candidates for the role of Network Administrator that will be responsible for providing advanced administration and technical support for a centralized environment. The Network Administrator will support mission critical network and collaboration services for users. The Network Administrator will ensure continuity in the day-to-day operation of the LAN/WAN environment, including physical data centers and numerous remote sites.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 5

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 5

Network Administrator Job summary 6

The Network Administrator is responsible for managing the daily operations of our computer networks. Perform maintenance tasks as needed to ensure that systems are operating as expected, and address any issues that arise. This position is considered to be the “Resident-expert” of company hardware/software systems. Provide technical insight for strategic planning. The Network Systems Administrator will work closely with users, vendors, Corporate IT, and Leadership Team, to ensure optimum reliability and cohesiveness of business objectives and operational needs.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 6

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 6

Network Administrator Job summary 7

The Network Administrator provides support to I.T. team members and end users on a variety of technical issues. Essential Job Functions include the following, other duties may be assigned: Assisting end users and first-tier support with technical problems. Installing and maintaining computer hardware and software, server systems, and telecommunications in existing and new locations. Performing I.T. infrastructure design, troubleshooting, and making necessary recommendations. Maintaining the stability and security of the network and attached endpoint devices.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 7

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 7

Network Administrator Job summary 8

We are looking for a Network Administrator to join the IT team. This person will work in a dynamic team environment and be responsible for providing administration of the server and network monitoring resource and assist with maintenance, deployment, and administration of the Linux server environment. This includes the planning, implementing, and maintaining a secure, robust, and scalable Linux infrastructure, capable of supporting both internal and external customers.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 8

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 8

Network Administrator Job summary 9

We are looking for a Network Administrator who can plan the future growth and expansion of our computer network. The Network Administrator will be responsible for maintaining our Company network services. The ideal candidate for this position will be expert in Windows technology and have a wide understanding of various protection, communication, and monitoring systems. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience at the enterprise networking level, and can also work well with legacy systems.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 9

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 9

Network Administrator Job summary 10

Responsible for planning and designing the network infrastructure, fiber network, and wireless networks; troubleshoots, installs, implements and administers network systems. Performs a wide variety of evaluation, maintenance, and installation to ensure the computer network performance meets the needs.

Network Administrator Duties & Responsibilities 10

Network Administrator Requirements & Skills 10

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