10 Best Digital Strategist Job Descriptions

Digital Strategist Job summary 1

We are looking for a Digital Strategist to help manage and support some of our largest customers in the retail. This individual will be responsible for providing customers with specialized expertise and support for long-term social and digital strategies to meet their desired project goals and unlock all potential value. If being part of an electric and collaborative team is important to you then you’ve come to the right place.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 1

Digital Strategist Job summary 2

We’re looking to hire for the role of Digital Strategist in our department. Candidates should have relevant experience and a track record of success. Digital Strategists are expected to not only execute, but take initiative, contribute to new ideas, and help develop strategy for some of clients.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 2

Digital Strategist Job summary 3

The Digital Strategist reports to the Marketing Director and supports departmental and organization-wide goals of brand awareness growth, community building, and fundraising. This person has a strong writing background with a passion for digital marketing and campaigns. They will serve as the primary contact for evaluating and fulfilling brand campaign film usage requests and supporting proactive distribution outreach efforts and events. The Digital Strategist will support the Director on integrated marketing campaigns and initiatives in order to maximize campaign performance.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 3

Digital Strategist Job summary 4

We are looking for an individual with high initiative, a strategic approach, and customer experience strategy talent. The Digital Strategist is a digital-savvy professional with experience designing and executing organizational change initiatives for multi-national brands. A passionate and effective communicator, the Digital Strategist conveys the evolution of the consumer experience and develops strategic marketing programs that align with our clients’ overall business objectives through strategic insights and direction, and makes significant recommendations that deliver on client business objectives and important metrics.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 4

Digital Strategist Job summary 5

As a Digital Strategist, you will be responsible for designing and optimizing multi-channel marketing campaigns. You’ll partner across departments – creative, client engagement, data/analytics, media buying – to drive data-driven strategies that activate our clients’ brands. You will serve a vital role in promoting the integration of cross-functional teams and ensuring client success.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 5

Digital Strategist Job summary 6

We’re looking for a Digital Strategist who has experience driving strategy across all elements of a digital campaign. This person will live at the intersection of thinking and making, in order to see beyond the big picture and create campaigns that move consumers to take action. The role requires attention to detail, strong presentation skills and an imagination that you can’t quite turn off.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 6

Digital Strategist Job summary 7

We are seeking a Digital Strategist with digital expertise to play a critical role on one of our agency's largest accounts. You are someone who thrives in simplifying complexity into clear and actionable plans, an empathetic thinker that can find the human story amidst highly technical fields. By bringing meaningful quantitative and qualitative insights to bear, you'll bring the voice of the consumer to every engagement. You'll have an eye for turning creative strategy into engaging editorial content and meaningful digital experiences. Together, you will foster an environment of strong empathy for the human condition, critical thinking, business acumen, and love for solving the most meaningful problems through experience building. The ideal candidate is an independent thinker, but also a doer in the best sense of the word.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 7

Digital Strategist Job summary 8

The Digital Strategist is often among the initial impressions new clients experience when they sign. Through well researched and structured presentations, the Strategist will help put our best foot forward. They’ll work with new and current clients to understand where they stand today, how they compare to their competitors, what their users need and how their ecosystem should evolve and innovate to meet business goals.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 8

Digital Strategist Job summary 9

We are looking for an experienced Digital Strategist who is a passionate, digital-first thinker. The Digital Strategist is responsible for collaborating closely with creative, media and client teams to define how audiences engage with the brand throughout the digital ecosystem in a way that adds value for the audience and drives results for the brand.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 9

Digital Strategist Job summary 10

We are looking for a Digital Strategist to join our growing team and help develop and deliver programs and campaigns on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the technology space. This is a hands-on and varied role where you will be responsible for creating excellent content, managing social channels, engaging with influencers and executing paid content amplification. You will be working as part of the digital team and a key member of a number of account teams. Every day you will demonstrate your command of language with excellent copywriting, translating technical topics for social channels and demonstrating an understanding of audiences when writing for client objectives. You will be curious and experimental, hungry to learn about new digital marketing trends or ways to reach and engage audiences that matter to clients. The digital landscape is ever-changing and we expect you to explore, constantly: New online communities, new pockets of influencers, and new paid branding opportunities or tactics. You are interested in trying new ways to measure program effectiveness (website traffic, lead gen, etc.), based on the marketing objectives of the clients. Working in close contact with digital strategy leadership, digital strategists will execute programs that connect key client messages to target audiences in creative ways.

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Digital Strategist Requirements & Skills 10

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