10 Best Tax Preparer Job Descriptions

Tax Preparer Job summary 1

As a Tax Preparer, you will be part of a team preparing taxes for individuals, corporations, and trusts as well as conducting tax planning for clients. You will spend your time processing client documents, reconciling information, and preparing client returns. Additionally, Tax Preparers are utilized to run different scenarios to optimize taxes for clients. Tax Preparers are given high levels of responsibility. Preparers are expected to work independently and efficiently in their role to meet strict deadlines, without day to day supervision. The ideal candidate for this position would have a passion for solving complex problems and a curiosity about tax strategies. The candidate would be able to think critically and be comfortable making decisions independently in ambiguous situations. Finally, the candidate would be driven to continually learn and educate themselves as the industry and law evolves.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 1

Tax Preparer Job summary 2

The Tax Preparer conducts an in-depth interview with the client to obtain all the required information and material to complete the tax return.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 2

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 2

Tax Preparer Job summary 3

In this position, you will be preparing tax returns for companies. This position can be fast paced and is perfect for recent graduates or someone with little experience.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 3

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 3

Tax Preparer Job summary 4

As a Tax Preparer, you will be responding to inquiries from our existing clients and receiving inbound calls for status updates. You will be expected to communicate realistic timelines and interact with Tax Preparation Senior, on a daily basis with case updates. This will be a demanding position and exceptional time management and customer service skills will be essential.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 4

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 4

Tax Preparer Job summary 5

We are looking for a Tax Preparer to join our company. You will be considered authoritative when it comes to the preparation of simple and complex, individual and small business State and Federal tax returns.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 5

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 5

Tax Preparer Job summary 6

The Tax Preparer will work on various tax reporting, compliance and planning projects as directed by the Accounting Manager/Tax along with maintaining some monthly accounting duties.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 6

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 6

Tax Preparer Job summary 7

The Tax Preparer prepares and reviews tax payments, returns, and also be able to perform all Accounting Functions to arrive at a complete set of records. Responsible for income tax preparation for individuals and companies. Identifies potential tax credits and liabilities and ensures accurate and complete returns are filed in a timely manner. The Tax Preparer completes tax forms in accordance with policies and in compliance with both federal and state legislation and regulations. Knowledgeable in following changes to tax regulations and laws. Excellent time management skills are also essential, as youll have to ensure deadlines are met. Tax Preparer responsibilities also include organizing and maintaining records of estimated tax payments.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 7

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 7

Tax Preparer Job summary 8

A Tax Preparer has a strong focus on developing advanced technical skills and practicing professional judgement and critical thinking. A Tax Preparer performs a wide assortment of advanced client work reflecting a broad experience in all phases of accounting, tax, advisory, and consulting. Tax Preparers review engagements completed by Staff Accountants and Paraprofessionals, organize and conduct staff training, and begin to assume responsibility and management of clients. Additionally, Tax Preparers will analyze and interpret reports and client data to assist management with workload planning and operations.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 8

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 8

Tax Preparer Job summary 9

We are looking for a Tax Preparer to join our growing firm.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 9

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 9

Tax Preparer Job summary 10

We are looking to add a Tax Preparer to our team.

Tax Preparer Duties & Responsibilities 10

Tax Preparer Requirements & Skills 10

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