10 Best Psychiatric Nurse Job Descriptions

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 1

We are seeking qualified candidates for the position of Psychiatric Nurse. The position has responsibility for assisting team members in the coordination of behavioral and physical health care needs of service participants. Complete health and biopsychosocial assessments for every active participant. Maintain a record of medical history and on-going medical and treatment records. Service documentation must be submitted in a timely fashion.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 1

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 2

Mental Health Center is looking for a Psychiatric Nurse to join our team! Candidate must be a registered nurse. CPR and First Aid training is recommended. Psychiatric Nursing experience is required.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 2

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 2

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 3

We are looking for a Psychiatric Nurse to join our growing team! If you want a position that allows for work/life balance while still focusing on quality of care, this is the position for you!

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 3

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 3

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 4

We are currently searching for a Psychiatric Nurse. This position works with an interdisciplinary team to provide excellent care to our patients.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 4

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 4

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 5

The Psychiatric Nurse shall provide direct psychiatric and medical care to patients of the Hospital and may be required to work any day of the week to meet the needs of the hospital and patients.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 5

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 5

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 6

Under general direction, a Psychiatric Nurse performs professional nursing duties in the care of mentally ill youth and/or adult patients; requires a special knowledge of with the laws relating to Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Services, advises and collaborates with other staff and interdisciplinary health treatment teams in diagnosis and treatment planning for such patients; and, assists and participates in various administrative and mental health program activities.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 6

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 6

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 7

The Psychiatric Nurse provides a wide range of mental health services to patients and families in a variety of settings. Psychiatric Nurses diagnose and prescribe medications for patients who have psychiatric disorders or substance abuse problems. They are licensed to provide emergency psychiatric services, psychosocial and physical assessment of their patients, treatment plans, and manage patient care. They may also serve as consultants or as educators for families and staff.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 7

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 7

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 8

A Psychiatric Nurse works with psychiatric prescribers in the oversight of clients’ medications.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 8

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 8

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 9

We are hiring a Psychiatric Nurse to help us redefine the healthcare landscape in America.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 9

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 9

Psychiatric Nurse Job summary 10

A Psychiatric Nurse conducts psychiatric evaluations on children, adolescents, and adults and prepares written reports.

Psychiatric Nurse Duties & Responsibilities 10

Psychiatric Nurse Requirements & Skills 10

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