10 Best Nurse Midwife Job Descriptions

Nurse Midwife Job summary 1

The Nurse Midwife provides comprehensive primary health care to a select population of essentially healthy women. Participates in the care of women with medical complications in collaboration with obstetricians/gynecologists.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 1

Nurse Midwife Job summary 2

The primary Nurse Midwife work settings are the Labor and Delivery Departments, although the Nurse Midwife may provide services in other areas of the hospital. The Nurse Midwife shall technically direct patient care and work with other members of the healthcare team as consultant, supervisor, mentor, teacher, and/or team member.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 2

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 2

Nurse Midwife Job summary 3

The Nurse Midwife is an advanced practice nurse who is responsible for the assessment, plan, implementation and evaluation of nurse midwifery care delivered to antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum, and newborn patients. The Nurse Midwife performs physical exams. Collects and documents data Manages labor and spontaneous delivery. Conducts diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Orders and schedules laboratory studies and professional consultations and prescribes appropriate interventions and medication. The Nurse Midwife also provides, as appropriate, care and education to gynecologic patients.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 3

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 3

Nurse Midwife Job summary 4

The Mental Health Branch is seeking a highly motivated Nurse Midwife to practice medicine with physician supervision. The successful candidate will respond to crisis situations, make assessments, provide triage, and follow through with appropriate treatments, which may include ordering referrals as well as voluntary or involuntary hospitalizations. The successful candidate will conduct physicals and order diagnostic studies that may require interpretation.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 4

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 4

Nurse Midwife Job summary 5

The Nurse Midwife is responsible for safe and personalized care to patients in the antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, and routine GYN setting according to Midwifery Guidelines. The Nurse Midwife reports directly to the Director of Physician Practices.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 5

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 5

Nurse Midwife Job summary 6

We are currently seeking a full time, full scope Nurse Midwife to join our midwifery practice.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 6

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 6

Nurse Midwife Job summary 7

Under the direction of the Division Directors for Midwifery and Community Practices, the Nurse Midwife functions as an administrative supervisor coordinate the activities of the midwives, acts as liaison with other hospital departments to develop and implement the functions of the midwifery practice, in addition to direct care.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 7

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 7

Nurse Midwife Job summary 8

We’re looking for a dedicated Nurse Midwife who is eager to make positive contributions to the community and to our mission.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 8

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 8

Nurse Midwife Job summary 9

We are looking for a Nurse Midwife.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 9

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 9

Nurse Midwife Job summary 10

In accordance with professional standards of care and adhering to corporate philosophy of Hospital, the Nurse Midwife shall be responsible for providing high quality patient care to the patients.

Nurse Midwife Duties & Responsibilities 10

Nurse Midwife Requirements & Skills 10

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