10 Best Life Coach Job Descriptions

Life Coach Job summary 1

Life Coach is responsible for providing professional, compassionate, and quality care for residents. They guide residents with impaired memory through daily tasks, assisting them in managing their lives. Life Coach works side-by-side our residents and their family to establish a schedule and routine that preserves independence and promotes the highest level of functioning possible for each resident. Care is truly resident-centered and each care plan outlines the unique goals for each resident.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Life Coach Requirements & Skills 1

Life Coach Job summary 2

In accordance with Company core values and mission, the Life Coach provides direct and indirect support, guidance, companionship and trainings to individuals experiencing developmental disabilities and/or mental illnesses in a variety of community and home settings. This position may require de-escalating verbally or physically aggressive individuals according to identified procedures and individual client/site protocols.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 2

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 2

Life Coach Job summary 3

We have an immediate opening for a Life Coach. This position will be responsible to document and deliver services, including Medicaid reimbursable services, if applicable, to an individual in recovery within our program. The ideal candidate for this position will have knowledge and experience working with individuals with mental health care needs.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 3

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 3

Life Coach Job summary 4

The Life Coach provides one-on-one coaching and development for participants in the program as defined by member needs both urgent, immediate, and long term to prepare members for employment or education programs.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 4

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 4

Life Coach Job summary 5

The Life Coach provides one on one support by assisting identified client with achieving daily living skills and routine activities/chores. Provides one on one coverage to the identified client as specified in client’s daily schedule. Assist identified client with maintaining all outside appointments and activities by providing transportation and reporting back to program staff clients’ accomplishments and information related to client care.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 5

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 5

Life Coach Job summary 6

Life Coach provides prevention, intervention, support, stabilization, advocacy, and therapeutic services. Life Coaches employ a non-judgmental approach in accepting youth wherever they are on the continuum of sexual exploitation while supporting them in reducing risk factors and fostering resilience.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 6

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 6

Life Coach Job summary 7

We are hiring a Life Coach! An expert at overseeing group processes, our Life Coach will be responsible for preparing, coordinating and evaluating best practices for our Members. You will work alongside the Manager of Member Relations to ensure meetings run smoothly and are an environment that are conducive to the growth of the members in the program. Your role will be to ask key questions to guide members in engaging with each other as well as digging deep within themselves in order to achieve life-changing results. To be successful in this role, you should be familiar with facilitating groups of high-caliber individuals. Preferably has experience leading individual and group coaching sessions with business executives and/or senior level management.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 7

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 7

Life Coach Job summary 8

A Life Coach is primarily responsible for working with his/her coach colleagues to ensure that the supports necessary to meet the demands of academic excellence are in place while working aggressively to eliminate or significantly reduce any barriers that may impede a youth’s healthy academic, socio-emotional, or physical development.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 8

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 8

Life Coach Job summary 9

The primary responsibility of the Life Coach is to serves families experiencing homelessness by providing time-limited emergency shelter, along with enhanced services focused on employment, support with housing search and placement to help secure permanent housing. Shelter is provided in the form of hotels/motels or individual shelter units. The enhanced services include, but are not limited to landlord liaison activities, financial coaching, and housing counseling. This position will work closely with the Housing Program Manager to implement new housing and employment strategies aimed at linking housing case management and employment services with the goal of making progress toward living-wage employment and housing stability.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 9

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 9

Life Coach Job summary 10

The Life Coach is responsible for ensuring that the educational, medical, emotional and social needs of the youth are met through day to day operations. The Life Coach is also responsible for documenting and maintaining youth’s file as well as providing and/ or coordinating ancillary and social services for the assigned youth in the program. The Life Coach must demonstrate the ability to use good judgment in daily activities and overall progress toward established goals and desired outcomes for youth.

Life Coach Duties & Responsibilities 10

Life Coach Requirements & Skills 10

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