10 Best Internist Job Descriptions

Internist Job summary 1

Under the direct supervision of the Chief Medical Officer, the Internist provides direct clinical care to patients at the health center. The Internist is a member of Care Team with the purpose of providing evidenced-based and quality medical care to health center patients.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Internist Requirements & Skills 1

Internist Job summary 2

The Internist focuses on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases of internal organs, especially in adults. As diseases often progress with age, these specialists treat many military retirees and their families.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Internist Requirements & Skills 2

Internist Job summary 3

The Internist functions independently to provide primary medical services and ambulatory care to adult patients of Health Center. In addition, he/she participates actively in the development and execution of the general adult and geriatric program at the Health Center, medical programs in the community, and such quality assurance, research, and administrative tasks as are deemed relevant by the Chief Medical Officer to patient care at the Health Center.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Internist Requirements & Skills 3

Internist Job summary 4

We are seeking a dynamic Internist to join our expanding Health Center.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Internist Requirements & Skills 4

Internist Job summary 5

The Internist will function as one of the primary medical services providers for Health Center, and is responsible for initiating assessment, diagnosis and the implementation of a range of care interventions for the patient presenting with undifferentiated and undiagnosed health problems. Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of various treatment modalities and referrals through autonomous and accountable decisions in medical practice supported by current research. The Internist reports to the Site Medical Director. They shall work collaboratively with their respective clinical lead(s). Annually, the clinician is evaluated on clinical competency by the Site Medical Director or their proxies (Associate Medical Director and/or Clinical Lead).

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Internist Requirements & Skills 5

Internist Job summary 6

As an Internist, you will be surrounded by a collaborative care team that is invested in your success and shares ownership of tasks to help improve your efficiency as a provider.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Internist Requirements & Skills 6

Internist Job summary 7

We seek a curious, talented, team-oriented Internist with a diverse set of backgrounds who ultimately want to make a difference.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Internist Requirements & Skills 7

Internist Job summary 8

We are looking for an Internist. Essential functions may vary among positions and may include the following tasks, knowledge, abilities, skills, and other characteristics. This list of tasks is ILLUSTRATIVE ONLY and is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of tasks performed by all positions in this classification and may describe those responsibilities which are central to the job’s primary duty.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Internist Requirements & Skills 8

Internist Job summary 9

The Internist provides direct patient care in accordance with training, experience and licensure. The position will participate as a member of the medical team within the Center. The Internist will function as an educational resource to patients, the Center, students and the Community.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Internist Requirements & Skills 9

Internist Job summary 10

We are looking for the Internist.

Internist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Internist Requirements & Skills 10

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