Guidance Counselor Job Description

Job summary 1

The Guidance Counselor assists students, parents and staff in understanding graduation requirements, preparing student personal graduation plans and providing needed information to instructional and assessment staff in a way that advances student success in the classroom.

Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Requirements & Skills 1

Job summary 2

The Guidance Counselor’s main function is to ensure students achieve their learning and career goals. They will counsel students in choosing an appropriate path for success, based on student experience and learning outcomes. The Guidance Counselor will offer students guidance throughout their course of study and career opportunities based on the courses taken. The Guidance Counselor will assist students with inquiries, and process required student records and reporting.

Duties & Responsibilities 2

Requirements & Skills 2

Job summary 3

The Guidance Counselor will work with school leaders, faculty, staff, students, parents and the community to develop, implement, and evaluate a high-quality comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program for grades 9-12. The Guidance Counselor should be the educational professional who has the holistic view of the students’ overall academic plans and progress. This position also entails evaluating transcripts, scheduling students, assisting with state testing rosters, and conducting individual and group counseling sessions. Guidance Counselors must understand state testing, state graduation requirements, and state accountability and must be able to support the entire campus in building capacity in these areas.

Duties & Responsibilities 3

Requirements & Skills 3

Job summary 4

We are seeking highly-qualified Guidance Counselors for the Academy! We are seeking counselors who are excited to create a rigorous and nurturing classroom environment that prioritizes student learning and social-emotional development.

Duties & Responsibilities 4

Requirements & Skills 4

Job summary 5

Under the direction of the principal, the Guidance Counselor’s responsibility is to guide students toward the fulfillment of their intellectual, physical, and psychological potential.

Duties & Responsibilities 5

Requirements & Skills 5

Job summary 6

A Guidance Counselor provides a comprehensive guidance program consisting of guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support components. Consults with administration, teachers, parents, and staff to enhance effectiveness in helping students and provides support and assistance to other educational programs within the school and district.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

Requirements & Skills 6

Job summary 7

A Guidance Counselor provides a comprehensive guidance program for all students. Consults with teachers, parents and staff to enhance their effectiveness in helping students. Provides support to other educational programs.

Duties & Responsibilities 7

Requirements & Skills 7

Job summary 8

The Guidance Counselor provides support services to students, staff, and parents. Supports services include referrals, counseling, assessment, diagnostics, and report writing. This work takes place at the school site, in other public buildings, and in private residences. Additional responsibilities include student rostering/scheduling, maintaining individual student Education Plans, etc.

Duties & Responsibilities 8

Requirements & Skills 8

Job summary 9

We are seeking an experienced Guidance Counselor.

Duties & Responsibilities 9

Requirements & Skills 9

Job summary 10

A Guidance Counselor provides, implements, and coordinates all aspects of the comprehensive counseling and guidance program. Specifically, provides all students with the opportunity through developmental activities to gain the insight and self-awareness needed to make positive decisions in personal, social, educational, and career areas.

Duties & Responsibilities 10

Requirements & Skills 10

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