10 Best Facilities Director Job Descriptions

Facilities Director Job summary 1

The Facilities Director oversees physical plant operations including all buildings and grounds, utilities, energy management systems and safety/security systems in order to provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for clients, staff, and visitors. This position also provides oversight of all technical operations related to information systems and end-user training and support to ensure the organization is operating efficiently and securely. This role directly supervises all staff within the Facilities Department and will work in collaboration with external vendors and all levels of individuals within the organization.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Facilities Director Job summary 2

The Facilities Director will oversee the day-to-day operations of the Facilities Department to include internal staff and independent businesses that conduct business on the property to inspect and maintain electrical, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, and janitorial on the campus. You will collaborate with staff and residents to ensure safety protocols are followed, supervise technology staff, schedule routine preventative and reparative maintenance, plan new projects and perform emergency repairs. You will ensure janitorial, landscaping, and pool services are conducted on a regular basis and that the campus interiors and exteriors are attractive and hygienic. You will assess the costs of maintaining workspaces, make recommendations for becoming more efficient, and may assist in relocating areas from one space to another to best meet the needs of the business. You will ensure the budgetary targets for the department are maintained and work to hire and manage external contractors and suppliers as needed.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 2

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 2

Facilities Director Job summary 3

The Facilities Director provides leadership and management of facilities planning, maintenance and operations, new capital development, building improvements, remodeling, and major maintenance and construction projects. This role develops operational plans for facilities management, safety, and security. The Facilities Director demonstrates a commitment to service excellence, innovation, student success, integrity, and diversity in the performance of job duties.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 3

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 3

Facilities Director Job summary 4

The Facilities Director creates a safe and efficient work environment that improves business performance and optimizes staff productivity. Responsible for the planning, organizing and directing of the Facilities Department including strategic planning and budget preparation and oversight. Ensures department projects are completed timely and that personnel and resources are optimally utilized.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 4

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 4

Facilities Director Job summary 5

Working as the Facilities Director, you are responsible for the overall management of the Plant Operations & Maintenance Departments within an acute care hospital environment. You plan, organize, and control functions and activities under the scope of the contract.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 5

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 5

Facilities Director Job summary 6

The Facilities Director oversees the maintenance and repair of company buildings, equipment, machinery, and grounds.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 6

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 6

Facilities Director Job summary 7

As a Facilities Director, you will be responsible for delivering outstanding customer service and a positive workplace environment to employees. We are looking for a hands on Director with expertise and passion to build and lead a team of diverse & innovated professionals who will be committed to collaborating with customers, senior leaders, vendors, subtenants and others.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 7

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 7

Facilities Director Job summary 8

The Facilities Director handles all aspects of the management, maintenance, repair, and improvement of Company’s offices. In addition, the role takes leadership for the identification, procurement, and setup of new office space or locations, in partnership with business leadership, coordinating with real estate brokers, building management, contractors, and vendors.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 8

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 8

Facilities Director Job summary 9

If you are a Facilities Director with the ability to develop innovative technical solutions while successfully managing key performance indicators to drive strong business results, this may be the opportunity for you!

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 9

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 9

Facilities Director Job summary 10

The Facilities Director is responsible for overseeing plant services, maintenance, grounds and landscaping, campus security and custodial services, construction, and special projects. The Facilities Director will also lead efforts to build and maintain environmentally sustainable practices and procedures in relation to campus infrastructure, upkeep, and expansion.

Facilities Director Duties & Responsibilities 10

Facilities Director Requirements & Skills 10

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