10 Best Epidemiologist Job Descriptions

Epidemiologist Job summary 1

The Epidemiologist supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) Influenza Division (ID).This positon designs, plans and initiates epidemiologic studies, surveys and investigations on influenza and non-influenza viruses that cause influenza-like disease.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 1

Epidemiologist Job summary 2

The Epidemiologist performs investigation and surveillance of epidemy, assistance in surveillance, response and guidance to other program areas.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 2

Epidemiologist Job summary 3

We are seeking an Epidemiologist. This role initiates and executes scientific research and/or development studies. Analyzes problems and applies theoretical techniques to develop solutions.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 3

Epidemiologist Job summary 4

The Epidemiologist is responsible for developing and maintaining case interview and contact tracing infrastructure by ensuring data system maintenance, reporting, and data assurance for any system used to track interviews. The Epidemiologist reports directly to the Senior Epidemiologist for professional oversight and direction.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 4

Epidemiologist Job summary 5

We are seeking an Epidemiologist. The Epidemiologist provides support in disease epidemiology, injury prevention, occupational medicine, and behavioral and social health outcome surveillance activities.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 5

Epidemiologist Job summary 6

This position serves as a statewide expert consultant to state and local health officials. The Epidemiologist has advanced knowledge in epidemiologic methods to investigate actual environmental contaminant exposures and health outcomes of individuals or groups. This position works on highly complex assignments requiring the epidemiologic design and implementation of data collection, analysis and reporting.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 6

Epidemiologist Job summary 7

We have a great opening for the Epidemiologist!

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 7

Epidemiologist Job summary 8

We are currently seeking an Epidemiologist.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 8

Epidemiologist Job summary 9

We are currently looking for an Epidemiologist. At this time, we are only accepting candidates with at least two years of experience.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 9

Epidemiologist Job summary 10

The Epidemiologist's primary responsibilities will be conducting and facilitating the SLRs. Candidates should have a strong background in conducting SLRs and experience in medical or clinical research.

Epidemiologist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Epidemiologist Requirements & Skills 10

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