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Job summary 1

We seek an Editor in Chief to lead the brand. The Editor in Chief is responsible for providing leadership to the editorial staff and creating and editing content ensuring the brand voice and messaging. The Editor in Chief will be responsible for overseeing all content produced and should have extensive experience across all platforms, including digital, print, and social, as well as experience shaping and leading teams with diverse backgrounds. The right candidate will conceptualize engaging, relevant content by generating original and creative ideas.

Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Requirements & Skills 1

Job summary 2

The Editor in Chief will lead our storytelling efforts across brand, demand, and product marketing. That means having the ability to develop a killer top-of-funnel content strategy while also explaining the value of our products in a clear, compelling, jargon-free way. We’re looking for someone who’s excited by context switching from brainstorming funny social graphics to developing a product video to working on some sales enablement slides, all on the same day. This position calls for a blend of creativity and data-driven decision-making. Strong writing, editing, and brainstorming skills will be the foundation for all the different functions. You’ll ensure that our helpful content brings in qualified leads, educates customers to boost retention, and continues to establish Company as the smartest voice in the industry.

Duties & Responsibilities 2

Requirements & Skills 2

Job summary 3

The Editor in Chief will play a key role in creating modern, best-in-class content across the firm, reinforcing the brand, its reputation, and authority with key audiences and the general public. As a leader within the Global Marketing organization, they will work across divisions to build thought leadership and drive commercial growth. This is a highly-visible role that requires vision, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a proven track record of stellar performance within a competitive media organization or global, blue-chip brand. They will report to the Managing Director, Global Head of Content.

Duties & Responsibilities 3

Requirements & Skills 3

Job summary 4

We are looking for a passionate, cutting-edge Editor in Chief that will help propel and advance our growing product and services portfolio. In this role, you will have the opportunity to guide the content marketing editorial strategy and vision of content and campaigns across multiple platforms. This is a unique opportunity for a highly motivated and deeply experienced Editor in Chief who can guide and develop a team of internal and external creators to elevate our brand, capture top-of-funnel traffic and drive engagement. The ideal candidate will be rooted in journalism, a digital creator at heart, and have robust experience in editorial leadership within a news organization or publishing company. This role will report directly to the SVP of Portfolio Marketing. This is a perfect role for someone who wants to make a difference every day and be a key contributor to a passionate team focused on disrupting the software support industry.

Duties & Responsibilities 4

Requirements & Skills 4

Job summary 5

The Editor in Chief should have experience with driving all forms of editorial expression, from news content, events, and podcasts to video, print, digital, and social. This candidate should have an understanding of engagement metrics and a proven track record of using those metrics to drive editorial content strategy and audience growth. The Editor is also the face of the Company, hosting P&I global events, webinars, and recognition programs and will build and establish relationships with key global investment and policy leaders. The Editor in Chief reports to the President and Publisher and oversees a news and content organization comprised of more than 20 editors and reporters. This person is also a member of the brand’s senior leadership team and will closely collaborate with audience marketing, digital product management, sales, and internal corporate management to ensure our products and offerings reach maximum potential by engaging a hard-to-reach audience of professional investors. The ideal candidate will have significant experience with digital content packaging and development as well as managing a busy newsroom. This person will possess keen editorial judgment and deep knowledge of professional investing.

Duties & Responsibilities 5

Requirements & Skills 5

Job summary 6

We are looking for an Editor in Chief to oversee the site’s editorial operations and teams. The ideal candidate has over eight years of experience managing a digital news operation and should have a firm grasp on the day-to-day flow of a modern publication, from breaking news to lengthy features. Experience working at multiple levels of the newsroom, from a reporter on up, is a plus. The job requires impeccable judgment, strong leadership skills, and good taste, and the right candidate will be a creative thinker excited at the prospect of helping to grow our audience and sharpen our voice. Input is a tech, culture, design, and style-focused publication dedicated to bringing a new perspective on the most important, interesting, and vital stories from those worlds — on a uniquely modern platform, with voices that are authoritative, insightful, and cut through the noise.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

Requirements & Skills 6

Job summary 7

As the Editor in Chief of Structure, you will assume overall responsibility for determining the journal’s scientific scope and editorial direction as well as being responsible for ensuring the quality and quantity of the research articles. You will be expected to attend scientific meetings and build a broad network of domestic and international contacts.

Duties & Responsibilities 7

Requirements & Skills 7

Job summary 8

We are seeking a full-time Editor in Chief who will work on different articles, write new articles and make translations. This newly developed role is perfect for someone who has a strong passion for writing. You’ll primarily be responsible for the published content on the website. You’ll edit all articles that other authors have written and you’ll make all necessary changes.

Duties & Responsibilities 8

Requirements & Skills 8

Job summary 9

The Editor in Chief is responsible for assisting in running the newspaper. Normal responsibilities include assisting in planning story assignments and layouts, assisting writers in the completion of their articles, writing articles, and recruitment.

Duties & Responsibilities 9

Requirements & Skills 9

Job summary 10

As an Editor in Chief, you will help in its commitment not just to great storytelling, but to language that is thoughtful and continuously evolving to meet our value for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Duties & Responsibilities 10

Requirements & Skills 10

Frequently asked questions

What are the skills of an editor in chief?

An editor-in-chief is a senior editorial position in a media organization, responsible for managing the publication or broadcast of content. The following are some of the key skills required for an editor-in-chief:

Strong leadership and management skills, with the ability to motivate and develop a team of writers and editors.

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for working effectively with stakeholders and managing relationships.

Strong editing and writing skills, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to produce high-quality content.

Familiarity with digital media and social media platforms.

Knowledge of media ethics and legal issues, including libel and copyright.

Strong organizational and project management skills to manage workflow and deadlines.

Ability to develop and implement editorial strategies to achieve business goals.

Familiarity with analytics and data-driven decision-making.

What are the daily duties of an editor in chief?

The daily duties of an editor-in-chief may include:

Managing a team of writers, editors, and other staff members.
Developing and implementing editorial strategies to achieve business goals.

Overseeing the publication or broadcast of content across various platforms, including print, digital, and social media.

Ensuring the accuracy, quality, and fairness of all published content.

Collaborating with other departments, such as marketing and advertising, to ensure alignment with business goals.

Developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, such as writers, advertisers, and readers/viewers/listeners.

Analyzing audience data and feedback to inform editorial decisions.

Managing editorial budgets and resources.

Ensuring compliance with media ethics and legal issues.

In summary, an editor-in-chief is responsible for managing the publication or broadcast of content, developing and implementing editorial strategies, overseeing the editorial team, ensuring the accuracy and quality of published content, collaborating with other departments, and maintaining relationships with stakeholders. To be a successful editor-in-chief, one should possess strong leadership and management skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, strong editing and writing skills, familiarity with digital media and social media platforms, knowledge of media ethics and legal issues, strong organizational and project management skills, and the ability to develop and implement editorial strategies to achieve business goals.

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