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The Chief Innovation Officer is responsible for ideation, strategy creation, and all product management activities required to bring a new solution to the market. In this role, the Chief Innovation Officer will serve as the overall owner of product development and strategically focus on the specific and unique needs of our clients, prospects, and channel partners, and identify and introduce products and capabilities that drive continued profitable growth. This position will report directly to our EVP, Chief Revenue Officer, and will work in partnership with our senior leadership and partner cross-functionally with operations, information technology, and other parts of the organization to achieve success metrics. The ideal incumbent will have a proven history of building strong client relationships and intimacy combined with market expertise to specify, strategize, and define growth opportunities.

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Job summary 2

The Chief Innovation Officer is an executive-level position that manages the day-to-day operations of the Company’s Office of Performance Management and Policy Control (OPM). The Chief Innovation Officer provides a holistic view of the agency’s performance, encompassing virtually every level of performance data from department-level metrics to agency and state-wide transit goals to customer and employee attitudes.

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The Chief Innovation Officer coordinates the development of a data-driven innovation strategy for the Town, which includes leading the Town’s efforts to collect, analyze, and disseminate data to the public and across departments, facilitating the institutionalization of data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement processes across the organization, and promoting transparency through the use of accessible, open data.

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Job summary 4

The Chief Innovation Officer will help the district launch and implement sustainable instructional models to support teachers in improving student achievement and performance management systems to ensure the district is improving outcomes for students. The primary purpose of the Chief Innovation Officer is to oversee the planning of the program; design, manage, and implement the instructional plan; manage other grant programs as appropriate; manage program performance; ensure compliance with any grant requirements. This position will support all Innovation programs.

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Job summary 5

Serves as the Chief Innovation Officer for the Business and Support Services Division. This role is responsible for leading growth strategies and effecting change by evaluating opportunities for internal and external innovation. Directs all innovation and marketing strategies, and translates them into organizational action. Provides oversight for Marketing and Innovation Directorate.

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Job summary 6

The Chief Innovation Officer would be part of a multidisciplinary team sourcing, vetting, performing diligence, completing financial modeling related to healthcare (e.g., digital health, diagnostics, medical devices) specific innovation initiatives, start-ups or ventures, and spearheading implementation of select innovations.

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Job summary 7

The Chief Innovation Officer is responsible for the development and implementation of technology-focused proactive business development including business attraction programs and activities to encourage new investment, business, and jobs. This role requires a strategic, entrepreneurial-minded, action-oriented, risk-balanced, and inclusive collaborator which can be a catalyst for progress.

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Job summary 8

The Chief Innovation Officer, will ensure the Incubator operations run efficiently through concept management, resource management, and project management. This role ensures the tools, processes, and day-to-day coaching or team support needed for the incubator to carry out its mission to launch innovation concepts to enable the success of incubator teams and projects.

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Job summary 9

The Chief Innovation Officer will be responsible for actively identifying key areas for innovative transformation; creating a 5-year product plan by aligning innovation goals with the company's operating agenda for new product development (NPD) and new business model offerings. The Chief Innovation Officer will be directly responsible for the entire product management team, managing the product development process and pipeline; and ensuring that key deliverables are met. The successful candidate shall be detail driven, strategic, motivated, have a forward-leaning approach to business, and have excellent collaboration skills with all levels of the organization.

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Job summary 10

As the Chief Innovation Officer, you will oversee the innovation process by identifying strategies, business opportunities, and new technologies to grow the product lines for the water and wastewater markets. In this role, you will develop initiatives through new product development, market development, acquisitions, mergers, and technological developments. The Chief Innovation Officer inspires ideas from varied sources, selects the ideas to pursue, and champions them into products, new businesses, and new processes. Other responsibilities include the review of existing processes and identifying opportunities for improvement that produce measurable results. The Chief Innovation Officer fosters an innovative corporate culture while establishing innovative processes and building idea teams.

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Frequently asked questions

What are 10 things chief innovation officers do?

Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) are responsible for driving innovation and growth within an organization. Here are ten things that CIOs typically do:

Develop innovation strategies: CIOs create and implement strategies that help their organizations stay ahead of the competition. They identify new markets, technologies, and business models to pursue.

Foster a culture of innovation: CIOs cultivate a work environment that encourages experimentation, risk-taking, and creativity. They inspire and motivate their teams to generate new ideas and solutions.

Manage innovation projects: CIOs oversee the entire innovation process, from idea generation to commercialization. They allocate resources, set timelines, and ensure that projects stay on track.

Identify emerging technologies: CIOs stay up-to-date on the latest technological developments and identify opportunities for their organizations to leverage them.

Build partnerships: CIOs forge partnerships with other companies, research institutions, and startups to collaborate on innovation projects.

Evaluate market trends: CIOs analyze market trends to understand customer needs and preferences. They use this information to develop products and services that meet or exceed these expectations.

Manage intellectual property: CIOs protect their organization's intellectual property by filing patents, trademarks, and copyrights. They also develop strategies to license or sell intellectual property to generate revenue.

Implement open innovation: CIOs use open innovation strategies to tap into the collective wisdom of their employees, customers, and partners. They encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization.

Measure innovation performance: CIOs use metrics and analytics to evaluate the performance of innovation initiatives. They track the success of projects and identify areas for improvement.

Communicate innovation strategy: CIOs communicate their innovation strategy to all stakeholders, including executives, employees, and customers. They ensure that everyone understands the organization's innovation goals and the role they play in achieving them.

What are chief innovation officer skills?

Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) need a diverse set of skills to effectively lead innovation and growth in their organizations. Here are some of the key skills that CIOs should possess:

Strategic thinking: CIOs must be able to think creatively and strategically to develop innovative ideas and solutions that meet organizational goals.

Leadership: CIOs need strong leadership skills to motivate and inspire their teams to generate and implement new ideas.

Business acumen: CIOs must have a deep understanding of the business and industry they operate in to identify opportunities for innovation and growth.

Analytical skills: CIOs must be able to analyze data and market trends to make informed decisions about innovation initiatives.

Communication skills: CIOs need excellent communication skills to effectively communicate their vision and strategy to stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

Collaboration skills: CIOs must be able to collaborate with other departments, stakeholders, and external partners to drive innovation and growth.

Risk management: CIOs must be able to assess and manage risks associated with innovation initiatives, including financial, legal, and reputational risks.

Entrepreneurial mindset: CIOs must have an entrepreneurial mindset and be willing to take calculated risks to drive innovation and growth.

Creativity: CIOs must be creative and able to generate new and innovative ideas to solve complex problems.

Continuous learning: CIOs must be committed to continuous learning and be able to adapt to new technologies, trends, and business models.

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