10 Best Welder Helper Job Descriptions

Welder Helper Job summary 1

Our work is in demand so we are looking to add to our team of an experienced Welder Helper for work on pipeline projects.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 1

Welder Helper Job summary 2

The Welder Helper supports journeyman welders by ensuring tools and workplace are safe, assisting with grinding pipe ends and cleaning welds. If you have a desire to learn the pipeline welding trade, this is the opportunity for you.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 2

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 2

Welder Helper Job summary 3

The Welder Helper assists in the operation of any welding device used in the performance of repairing, tempering, and cutting rails, frogs and switches, and such other required welding.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 3

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 3

Welder Helper Job summary 4

The Welder Helper must work towards qualifying to complete repairs and maintain all aspects of rail including frogs, rail-ends, turn-outs, switch points, and glue joints using arc, propane or thermite welding processes. The Welder Helper must be able to meet and comply with the manufacturer's weight limitation safety rating and recommendations for any equipment associated with performing their duties, including the 300 lb. safety rating for ladders (both portable and affixed) and fall arrest equipment

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 4

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 4

Welder Helper Job summary 5

The Welder Helper will do many basic tasks that require physical labor on large commercial mechanical and plumbing construction sites.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 5

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 5

Welder Helper Job summary 6

The mission of the Welder Helper helper is improve the productivity of the Welder by preparing all surfaces, parts and equipment for the Welder.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 6

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 6

Welder Helper Job summary 7

We are looking for a Welder Helper who can think on their feet, has a strong work ethic and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. You will assist the welder in the shop and on our customer’s job site. You must like working outdoors (in the heat) and be a team player.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 7

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 7

Welder Helper Job summary 8

The Welder Helper welds and repairs heavy railway components in a heavy construction environment.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 8

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 8

Welder Helper Job summary 9

The Welder Helper will assist welders in securing components together to ensure accurate welds that do not change the measurements of the component and will be able to withstand various types of steam, hot water, gases, lubrications, sprinkling, and industrial processing systems.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 9

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 9

Welder Helper Job summary 10

We are looking for a Welder Helper.

Welder Helper Duties & Responsibilities 10

Welder Helper Requirements & Skills 10

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