10 Best Welder Job Descriptions

Welder Job summary 1

As a Welder, you will work for manufacturing and heavy industrial clients in a variety of industries and applications like utility equipment components. This will include performing multiple-pass welds and “cosmetic"" welds on consumer equipment, as well as tacking, fitting, welding, and working in all positions. You will also need to be able to weld everything from thin-gauge materials to thick plate.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Welder Requirements & Skills 1

Welder Job summary 2

We are looking for a Welder to join our team. Welders set-up and operate TIG/welding equipment; weld cold rolled steel and aluminum.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 2

Welder Requirements & Skills 2

Welder Job summary 3

Our company is searching for a Welder who will spend the majority of the workday bending, grinding, and MIG welding on mild or stainless. The ideal candidate will be able to read blueprints, and tape measures as well as have the ability to think on their feet. The Welder role is a critical position for incoming and outgoing projects for our clients.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 3

Welder Requirements & Skills 3

Welder Job summary 4

A Welder is responsible fitting, joining and fabricating portable pumping units and accessories by applying appropriate measurement and welding techniques. A Welder is also responsible for reworking finished products.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 4

Welder Requirements & Skills 4

Welder Job summary 5

We are seeking Welders to become an integral part of our team! The Welder will use specialized equipment to weld and assemble new metal forms.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 5

Welder Requirements & Skills 5

Welder Job summary 6

This position will be responsible for MiG and Arc welding, fabricating machine parts, mold repair, Hydraulic, Pneumatic troubleshooting and repair as well as provide support to plant and maintenance personnel.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 6

Welder Requirements & Skills 6

Welder Job summary 7

The Welder will join a team of technical personnel and experienced skilled trade machinists, welders, and certified weld inspectors. The Welder cuts heavy plate, fits, welds, bends, punches, straightens, shot blasts, paints and machines heavy, large metal products and enclosures.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 7

Welder Requirements & Skills 7

Welder Job summary 8

In this Welder position you will be responsible to operate and maintain welding tools and equipment in a safe and efficient manner to achieve company’s quality and production standards.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 8

Welder Requirements & Skills 8

Welder Job summary 9

The Welder reports directly to the Operations Manager and shall be responsible for production welding work with precision a dedication to quality, an exceptional work ethic, and the ability to work as part of a team. The Welder maintains welding certifications, quality and safety standards; keeps records; maintains equipment and job supplies.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 9

Welder Requirements & Skills 9

Welder Job summary 10

We are seeking an experienced Welder to join our team.

Welder Duties & Responsibilities 10

Welder Requirements & Skills 10

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