Warehouse Specialist Job Description

Job summary 1

The Warehouse Specialist is uniquely qualified to operate warehouse equipment like forklifts and reach trucks while complying with food safety regulations and operating box trucks that require commercial driver license (CDL) certification. Under the direction of a Warehouse Manager, the Warehouse Specialist ensures effective operations of a central warehouse. This includes effective receiving, inspecting, storing, retrieving, staging, and delivering food, equipment, materials, and supplies.

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Job summary 2

We are currently seeking a qualified Warehouse Specialist to provide support to our Location. The successful candidate will perform a variety of warehousing duties (as directed) which require an understanding of the establishment's storage plan.

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Requirements & Skills 2

Job summary 3

The Warehouse Specialist is responsible for supporting Warehouse and Distribution functions at physical and remote sites. These responsibilities include timely and accurate receiving, inventory control, and distribution of materials to internal and external customers. Supporting a culture that maintains a safe and rewarding workplace.

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Job summary 4

As part of a team, the Warehouse Specialist is responsible for efficiently handling, moving, and expediting the proper delivery of products.

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Job summary 5

The Warehouse Specialist reports to the Materials/Logistics Manager and/or the team leads, and is responsible for performing various functions in a warehouse/stockroom environment. This team player will perform all inventory management transactions necessary to supply inventory for manufacturing and order fulfillment. He/she will also provide support to the Distribution Team in meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations while maintaining a comfortable, organized, and safe workplace.

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Job summary 6

The Warehouse Specialist oversees shipping and receiving, organizes and stocks storage areas, maintains inventory, and invoices clients.

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Job summary 7

We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop and apply their skills in ways that make a positive impact on communities. Here, you’ll be proud to be a part of a company known for putting safety and people first, combined with uncompromising integrity. Looking for a Warehouse Specialist to perform a variety of material handling duties associated with the warehouse.

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Job summary 8

As a Warehouse Specialist, you will report to a warehouse supervisor and be responsible for supporting a variety of duties including unloading, putting away, picking, staging, and loading products at the Supply Distribution Center. To be successful, you will support the warehouse manager in driving the overall efficient and accurate movement of products through the Distribution Center to enable excellent service to operators.

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Job summary 9

The Warehouse Specialist plans and coordinates the prompt delivery of inbound and outbound deliveries within the warehouse. Ensures all activities match the supply and demand of products within the warehouse. Expedites activities to ensure that material flow is efficient and minimize adjustments to orders. Directly supervises non-exempt employees.

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Job summary 10

As a Warehouse Specialist, you will support our manufacturing operations by providing a full range of warehousing and logistics services to ensure the fulfillment of customer and business expectations. Our warehouse specialists are dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about getting things done. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn and grow with an industry leader, join our team!

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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a warehouse specialist?

A Warehouse Specialist is a professional who manages various activities in a warehouse setting to ensure effective and efficient operations. Their role can vary depending on the size and type of the warehouse, but some of the typical responsibilities include:

Receiving and Processing: Warehouse specialists oversee the receipt of all incoming goods. They inspect and verify the quantity and quality of items against purchase orders, record any discrepancies, and process the received goods in the warehouse management system.

Inventory Management: They play a significant role in inventory control. This involves keeping track of stock levels, performing regular inventory audits, ensuring the accuracy of inventory records, and managing the reordering process.

Order Fulfillment: Warehouse specialists pick, pack, and prepare items for shipping based on customer orders. They ensure that the correct items are shipped on time and in the right condition.

Organization: They organize and store items in the warehouse in a way that maximizes efficiency and safety. This can involve setting up storage areas, moving goods, and optimizing the use of space.

Safety Compliance: Warehouse specialists ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. They promote safe working practices, participate in safety training, and may help conduct safety inspections.

Equipment Operation: Depending on the warehouse, they might operate machinery such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and conveyor systems. They also maintain these machines, performing regular checks and basic repairs as needed.

Documentation: They accurately document all warehouse transactions, such as receipts, shipments, and inventory adjustments, ensuring that records are up-to-date and correct.

Team Coordination: They coordinate with other team members and departments to ensure the warehouse operations align with the business needs. This can involve working with sales, purchasing, logistics, and customer service departments.

Problem-Solving: Warehouse specialists troubleshoot issues that arise during warehouse operations. They address problems such as delayed shipments, lost packages, or inventory discrepancies.

Maintaining Cleanliness: They also ensure that the warehouse remains clean and orderly, which aids in efficient operations and promotes a safe working environment.

Warehouse specialists often need to have a combination of physical stamina (due to the manual labor involved), technical skills (for operating machinery and using software), and organizational skills (for managing inventory and coordinating activities).

Who does a warehouse specialist work with?

A Warehouse Specialist typically works with a variety of individuals as part of their role. This includes:

Warehouse Staff: These are the people who perform the day-to-day tasks in the warehouse, such as loading and unloading goods, organizing inventory, and fulfilling orders. The Warehouse Specialist often oversees these workers, providing guidance and supervision.

Warehouse Manager: The Warehouse Specialist typically reports to the Warehouse Manager, who is responsible for the overall operation of the warehouse. The Manager may assign tasks, set goals, and provide direction to the Warehouse Specialist.

Logistics Team: This can include transportation coordinators, drivers, and others involved in getting goods to and from the warehouse. The Warehouse Specialist often works closely with this team to ensure that goods are shipped and received on schedule.

Supply Chain or Procurement Staff: These are the individuals who coordinate the purchase of goods and manage relationships with suppliers. The Warehouse Specialist might work with them to manage inventory levels and coordinate the receipt of new goods.

Sales and Customer Service Teams: These individuals interact with customers, take orders, and handle customer issues. The Warehouse Specialist often works with these teams to ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly and on time.

Inventory Control Analysts: These individuals focus specifically on managing and analyzing inventory. The Warehouse Specialist might work with them to keep inventory records accurate and to plan for inventory needs.

Maintenance Team: This can include in-house maintenance staff or external contractors who service and repair warehouse equipment and facilities. The Warehouse Specialist might coordinate with them to ensure equipment is functioning properly and safely.

Health and Safety Officers: These are the people responsible for ensuring the warehouse complies with health and safety regulations. The Warehouse Specialist often works with them to maintain a safe working environment.

The exact team that a Warehouse Specialist works with can depend on the size and structure of the organization. However, in general, the role involves coordinating with many different individuals and departments to keep the warehouse running smoothly.

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