10 Best Packer Job Descriptions

Packer Job summary 1

A Packer packs and inspects product. Performs a visual and dimensional sampling to determine overall acceptability of ware. Labels ware and tracks quantities. Communicates problems to supervisor. Stands for most of the work shift.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Packer Requirements & Skills 1

Packer Job summary 2

The Packer maintains production and sanitary conditions by removing product from conveyor, inspecting product, hand packing into cartons, and performing described duties. This position receives general supervision and works according to standards.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 2

Packer Requirements & Skills 2

Packer Job summary 3

The Packer is responsible for job duties as assigned in the following support areas: Bulk and Prep, Lit Sorter, Packing and Mail Manifest. The assigned tasks may include: visual quality control, manual material handling and other indirect production tasks as assigned.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 3

Packer Requirements & Skills 3

Packer Job summary 4

Packer is responsible for the safe, secure, and accurate packaging of customer orders.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 4

Packer Requirements & Skills 4

Packer Job summary 5

We are looking for a Packer to join our facility.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 5

Packer Requirements & Skills 5

Packer Job summary 6

You will serve as a Packer which delivers combat capability through logistics by teaming with partners and customers to provide supply chain management, procurement, contracting and transportation services, technical and customer support.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 6

Packer Requirements & Skills 6

Packer Job summary 7

Responsible for picking customer orders selected directly from primary product locations within the production areas. Also responsible for boxing customer orders for shipping that have been picked and loaded onto carts. Verifies information on location labels and customer packing lists to maintain high accuracy. Uses a coversheet and cart for voice-directed picking.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 7

Packer Requirements & Skills 7

Packer Job summary 8

The Packer is responsible for ensuring clean pouches meeting specification for the specific product flavor are manually packed into the correct retail or shipping container, sealing the containers, and stacking the completed containers onto pallets as finished product. The Packer ensures that each package has the correct pouch count, identifying codes and labels, and is organized for shipment onto pallets by their specific flavor, as required, and / or as directed.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 8

Packer Requirements & Skills 8

Packer Job summary 9

The Packer's primary duty is to perform a variety of tasks within the distribution center that support the ability of the facility to fill and ship customer orders that meet customer requirements. This position requires an individual who is willing to transfer between jobs on an as needed basis.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 9

Packer Requirements & Skills 9

Packer Job summary 10

We are looking for a Packer to join our team.

Packer Duties & Responsibilities 10

Packer Requirements & Skills 10

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