10 Best Video Producer Job Descriptions

Video Producer Job summary 1

We are looking for a Video Producer to join its video team to produce highly engaging and shareable videos about finance and markets for YouTube. Videos will range from interviews and explainers to on-location features. You should excel at generating ideas, scripting videos, editing and graphics in order to create compelling videos from concept to delivery. You should have experience working with and developing on-air talent as well as directing and recording subjects via remote set-ups. The Video Producer is responsible for producing, editing and sometimes shooting informative and topical hosted markets and finance-focused videos. Top candidates for this position will have a professional background in creating videos in a native YouTube style, demonstrate exceptional producing and editing skills, have experience creating graphics, managing studio and field shoots and developing talent.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Video Producer Requirements & Skills 1

Video Producer Job summary 2

The Video Producer has 3+ years of experience with various commercial agencies and is responsible for managing 40-60 video and non-video projects daily, all in various stages of production (from pitch to post). You have experience interfacing with major clients and sponsors, and you have a proven track record on youtube. You will have a key voice in producing compelling stories that are both entertaining and authentic to Company’s brand and fans. You should have a great attitude, be ego-free, be hungry to learn, and have superb communication skills. You also have an extensive network of copywriters, screenwriters, editors, and other production contractors. Finally, you must have extensive knowledge in the YT creator space and Twitch streaming community industry. Having technical knowledge with Adobe pipeline is a must.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 2

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 2

Video Producer Job summary 3

The Video Producer takes projects from concept to delivery both as an individual producer as well as in a team based, collaborative environment. The projects may focus on faculty and student research projects, human interest stories, commercials, instruction, live events and other opportunities that enhance the university’s reputation. The Video Producer must have the demeanor and maturity to work well with everyone from high level executives to students. Reporting to the Director of Media Production, the Video Producer collaborates with other content creators within the Media Production team, as well as the larger Marketing and Communications Agency, on strategic video projects from the conceptual development stage, through implementation, and to delivery of the finished product via multiple channels.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 3

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 3

Video Producer Job summary 4

We are looking for an experienced Video Producer to help connect with our customers and represent the voice of Company! Construct from the ground up videos that inspire, engage, and push the brand forward. Create a variety of content that is relatable, impactful, and serves our customer’s needs. Your ability to excel in pre-production, production and post-production will be a valued addition amongst our video team.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 4

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 4

Video Producer Job summary 5

The Video Producer position is responsible for all phases of educational video and audio production, taking a concept and bringing it to life within the framework of the team. Responsibilities include planning, scripting, interviewing, lighting, capturing audio, editing, creating motion graphics, producing, and directing. Additionally, we require successful applicants to this position to have facility with purely audio formats, e.g., creating podcast audio, posting podcasts and writing engaging descriptions of content, etc.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 5

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 5

Video Producer Job summary 6

We are seeking a Video Producer to join our team. This position is responsible for the management of projects from concept to completion, ensuring that the client’s needs and deadlines are met along the way. The Video Producer acts as a liaison between clients and our in-house teams, creating schedules, drafting proposals, and assisting in building and maintaining strong client relationships. Our Producers are a crucial part of the creative process and must have the ability to flawlessly direct teams and oversee project details spanning our diverse disciplines. In this role, your responsibilities reach across all aspects of our business, and your understanding of many different kinds of media and design solutions as well as digital technologies is paramount. Our ideal candidate is a natural leader with great communication skills, is highly organized, and works quickly and efficiently to solve problems. You pay attention to detail, are able to manage multiple projects effortlessly, meet deadlines, understand and honor budgets, and work collaboratively with team members. Most importantly, we are looking for a fun-loving individual who loves the work they do and believes in pushing at the bounds of what is possible.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 6

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 6

Video Producer Job summary 7

Are you looking to combine your videography and video editing skills with your love of learning about new technologies? Are you excited to film and edit videos that will help explain complex topics to our audience? Are you interested in creating polished and engaging content, and then seeing how it helps drive the company and the business forward? If so, we'd love to talk to you. We are expanding the Video team and looking for a Video Producer. Our team of Video Producers and motion graphics animators creates all the video content for our website and social media channels. We produce, film, storyboard, edit, design, and animate a wide variety of projects such as video testimonials, product explainers, how-to videos, and video ads.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 7

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 7

Video Producer Job summary 8

The Video Producer assists in the production of video and multimedia projects. With media producer supervision, edits video content during post-production using appropriate computer software to create high quality final videos and motion graphics packages.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 8

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 8

Video Producer Job summary 9

We are hiring a full-time Video Producer in our office. This individual will coordinate and manage all aspects of production from start to finish including creative direction, budget management, writing scripts, organizing logistics, overseeing the post process and working to deadlines. The ideal candidate possesses a strong passion for creating video content that tells compelling stories while also being highly organized, detail oriented and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously in a demanding and fast-paced environment. He/she has extensive experience working with production companies, managing freelancers, negotiating competitive rates, and making sure that a high-quality, on-brand product is always delivered.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 9

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 9

Video Producer Job summary 10

We are looking to fill a Video Producer position.

Video Producer Duties & Responsibilities 10

Video Producer Requirements & Skills 10

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