10 Best Sourcing Specialist Job Descriptions

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 1

The Sourcing Specialist is responsible for managing sourcing requests, driving opportunities to preferred suppliers, and negotiating cost reductions through alignment with the Company Product Management strategy.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 1

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 2

Sourcing Specialist is a high-profile, cross functional position that plays an integral role in enabling production flow and supporting launch manifest and key developmental goals. Working in close coordination with engineering and manufacturing departments, sourcing specialists execute effective creative and smart supply chain strategies to achieve production goals. The functions within the sourcing management include vendor coordination and procurement, delivery management, and dock-to-stock coordination. With integration taking place in-house, sourcing specialists are able to see their assemblies come to life every day!

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 2

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 3

The Sourcing Specialist will be accountable individually, as a team member, and as a lead of projects and assignments involving goods and services broadly defined as Facilities & Operation Services. The Sourcing Specialist will be expected to lead cross-functional teams to successfully execute strategic sourcing initiatives that meet or exceed operational and financial goals.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 3

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 4

The Sourcing Specialist is a production sourcing role, supporting the Magnetic Resonance business. Lead strategic and operational sourcing initiatives and activities to achieve business priorities while ensuring internal customer satisfaction. In-depth understanding of key business drivers and sourcing best practices.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 4

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 5

The Sourcing Specialist is responsible for supporting the Sourcing and Contracting Managers and their activities associated with leading the Value Analysis processes for proactively identifying savings opportunities, managing expiring contracts, and addressing new supplies and services requests and process changes.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 5

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 6

The Sourcing Specialist will work in a dynamic environment and focus on sourcing and pipelining active and passive candidates for all departments and levels (including non-exempt, exempt, executives, etc.) The Sourcing Specialist will report to the Talent Acquisition Manager and will assume a variety of responsibilities with an initial focus on reducing our time-to-fill, decreasing our need to contract external recruiters, and building a network of excellent talent in the multifamily industry.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 6

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 7

We have an exciting and challenging opportunity for a Sourcing Specialist! The Sourcing Specialist is part of the Maintenance, Repair and Operations & Capital Sourcing Team which manages the sourcing needs for Company businesses and Capital Project teams. The Sourcing Specialist will actively engage and support clients in the businesses and functions to ensure that sourcing requirements are known, and that supplier quality and service levels meet expectations. This role also negotiates assigned specific equipment or services purchases for execution as purchase orders.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 7

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 8

We are in search of a self-directed Sourcing Specialist to manage the procurement of headwear and accessories for our company.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 8

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 9

We are seeking a Sourcing Specialist to join our team. This position supports the procurement of materials and/or services for new construction projects. These projects may include but are not limited to the following: wind, solar, battery storage, transmission, and distributed generation. This position executes the sourcing process for assigned business areas and implements policies and programs directed towards providing contracted services and materials. Employees in this role develop and execute complex sourcing agreements containing unique terms and conditions.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 9

Sourcing Specialist Job summary 10

We are looking for a Sourcing Specialist.

Sourcing Specialist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Sourcing Specialist Requirements & Skills 10

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