10 Best Proofreader Job Descriptions

Proofreader Job summary 1

Reporting directly to the Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations, the Proofreader is a key player in the execution of performance-driven content of all kinds - email, social media, advertising campaigns, collateral, blogs, magazines, executive presentations, faculty-contributed content, case studies, landing pages, press releases, internal communications, and more. The ideal candidate must be proficient in basic and advanced grammar rules and understand how they are used within our style guides. They are meticulous in reviewing copy, noting errors such as punctuation, spelling, and word usage, and knows how to check statements for accuracy or compliance. They must communicate effectively with the writers and other staff to ensure documents meet all organizational guidelines. They will be flexible, innovative, and creative in their approach to problem solving editorial challenges. They must come to work with a positive attitude and be a really collaborative partner in the editing process. They will possess initiative and good judgment and will be conscientious and trustworthy.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Proofreader Requirements & Skills 1

Proofreader Job summary 2

The Proofreader will assist attorneys, clients and support staff with proofreading and/or copyediting typed, scanned and handwritten documents. The Proofreader requires superior language skills, i.e., spelling, grammar, punctuation, as well as familiarity with legal terminology. Proofreaders should possess the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 2

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 2

Proofreader Job summary 3

We're seeking a Proofreader. The successful candidate will have an excellent work ethic and strong teamwork skills in a high volume, minimally staffed environment. Must be flexible, organized, and be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines with a calm, pleasant demeanor. Must be able to work with minimal supervision and make independent, well-thought-out decisions. Must possess excellent oral and written communication skills, and interact professionally with attorneys, staff and clients.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 3

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 3

Proofreader Job summary 4

The Proofreader is responsible for checking the quality of all materials going out the door to the client, for a submission, or for technical deployment. He or she is an expert in the English language, proficient in AMA editorial style, and can ensure grammatical and spelling accuracy in all materials produced. A Proofreader may be asked to line edit a manuscript, perform a clean read of a manuscript, or make sure the manuscript matches approved materials, a set of changes, or a previous submission. He or she may also be asked to do a side-by-side comparison to make sure that tech builds match the final creative. The Proofreader will need to be experienced reviewing both digital (interactive) and print pieces and marking up materials electronically. The Proofreader must be highly detail-oriented with a keen eye for catching mistakes, flexible, able to manage changing priorities, and work independently. He or she is encouraged to ask the editor, copywriter, or designer any questions they may have about a project. The Proofreader is responsible for actively prioritizing their daily workload and communicating any known time constraints with the project managers.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 4

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 4

Proofreader Job summary 5

The Proofreader is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of department work product, including revisions, original input, conversions, and tables of authorities. He or she also checks grammar, syntax, spelling, style, and formatting in assigned documents and recommends changes to ensure clarity and correctness.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 5

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 5

Proofreader Job summary 6

The Proofreader is an entry level position that will provide a foundation for more sophisticated and independent responsibilities within the editorial team. This position will assist in ensuring accuracy and consistency of all the Company’s publications. The mission will be to help deliver error-free and high-quality editorial content to the Company’s customer base across various media sources.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 6

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 6

Proofreader Job summary 7

We are seeking to add a full-time Proofreader to our Marketing team. You would work in close collaboration with our team of Technical and Creative Writers to maintain accuracy, readability, and a consistent tone across all communications and publications.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 7

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 7

Proofreader Job summary 8

The Marketing Department is hiring a Proofreader to specialize in proofreading all creative materials, including ads, brochures, newsletters, web pages, etc., to ensure error-free work.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 8

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 8

Proofreader Job summary 9

We are seeking a highly motivated Proofreader. This position supports the company in all aspects of copyediting and proofreading for comics and original graphic novels as well as all written marketing material copy such as monthly catalogs, newsletters, and solicit copy. This role requires an advanced understanding of grammar rules, meticulous attention to detail, and above-average communication skills to work with a variety of writers and internal staff.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 9

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 9

Proofreader Job summary 10

We are looking for a Proofreader.

Proofreader Duties & Responsibilities 10

Proofreader Requirements & Skills 10

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