Materials Manager Job Description

Job summary 1

This is highly responsible work, assuming the management activities for the materials department in lean manufacturing, a just-in-time environment. The Materials Manager provides oversight for pre-production material control, material scheduling, and release, bill of materials coordination, and transportation logistics.

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Job summary 2

The Materials Manager is responsible for all activities related to order fulfillment, from forecasts to delivery, including day-to-day communication and management of the OEM partner globally. This person has a business orientation and is responsible for working within the local and remote Operations teams driving material readiness for new prototype builds.

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Job summary 3

The Materials Manager under the supervision of the Manager of Supply Chain Operations, performs/supervises services in a designated area according to the policies, procedures, philosophy, and objectives of the department and hospital. Works cooperatively within departments and other services to create a system of quality health care. Maintains current knowledge in areas of hospital personnel policies, supply chain management (including but not limited to inventory control, purchasing policies, GPO contracts, procurement practices, vendor negotiations, materials management information systems), JCAHO, FDA, DPH, and other regulatory agencies.

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Job summary 4

The Materials Manager oversees and manages all planning activities related to materials management and inventory control in the manufacturing environment. This includes tactical day-to-day operational commitments covering materials management, inventory control, and materials functions such as purchasing and scheduling. Translates customer delivery requirements into material strategies and processes, resulting in cost-effective processing and profitable manufacturing of products while optimizing customer satisfaction. Responsible for maintaining proper inventory levels of raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods to support business objectives.

Duties & Responsibilities 4

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Job summary 5

The Materials Manager will lead company material planning, strategic sourcing, and supply chain management activities. This position is key to achieving world-class operating performance. Continually improve quality, delivery, and total cost of products and services to assure continued success in the marketplace.

Duties & Responsibilities 5

Requirements & Skills 5

Job summary 6

A Materials Manager manages all material and outbound traffic-related activities to ensure efficient and timely delivery of materials and services. Supports manufacturing operations.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

Requirements & Skills 6

Job summary 7

The Material Manager is responsible for the supervision and facilitation of all requisition processing actions and warehouse operations related to the acquisition of materials, supplies, equipment, and services required for all Company departments to perform contractual base life support. Oversees the proper packaging, approvals, and routing of all purchase requisitions for purchase, as well as, post-entry supply chain tracking and maintaining comprehensive files documenting all purchase requests Establishes milestones and monitors adherence to plans and schedules, identifies program problems and obtains solutions, such as allocation of resources or changing contractual specifications. The Materials Manager reports to the Supply Chain Director via the Deputy Supply Chain Director but is expected to perform with minimal supervision and take ownership of the requisitioning process and warehouse operations.

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Job summary 8

We are looking for a talented Materials Manager to join our team specializing in Material Administration for our Engine Business Segment in our Plant.

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Job summary 9

The Materials Manager monitors production by guidelines set by operations management of the plant to work to obtain the maximum output of production most efficiently, meet promised shipping dates, and ensure raw material is ordered to meet requirements. Also responsible for monitoring and managing all inventories to ensure that they have accurate information to meet company expectations. Responsible to complete monthly inventory close-outs and submit reports to the company.

Duties & Responsibilities 9

Requirements & Skills 9

Job summary 10

The Materials Manager manages and coordinates a broad range of material management and procurement activities in compliance with required output and quality standards. Provides leadership and planning on production objectives, scheduling, material usage, vendor selection and performance, budgets, manpower, and equipment resources. This position performs functions critical to the timely delivery of our products; planning production materials and supplies, and the procurement of supplies, raw materials, and equipment necessary for the operation of the organization.

Duties & Responsibilities 10

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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a materials manager?

A Materials Manager is responsible for managing the flow of materials, goods, and supplies into and out of an organization. Their role involves overseeing the planning, procurement, storage, and distribution of materials to support production and operations.

The specific responsibilities of a Materials Manager may vary depending on the industry and the organization they work for, but some common tasks include:

Procurement: Materials Managers are responsible for procuring the materials, goods, and supplies that are necessary for production or operations. This may involve sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and managing vendor relationships.

Inventory management: Materials Managers must ensure that materials and supplies are available when they are needed, without excess inventory or stock-outs. They must develop and implement inventory management systems and strategies to optimize inventory levels.

Logistics and distribution: Materials Managers are responsible for coordinating the transportation, storage, and distribution of materials and supplies to ensure that they reach their destination on time and in good condition.

Quality control: Materials Managers must ensure that materials and supplies meet quality standards and specifications. This may involve performing quality inspections, testing, and certification of materials.

Cost control: Materials Managers must manage costs associated with materials procurement, storage, and distribution. They must monitor material costs and develop cost-saving strategies to improve the organization's bottom line.

Collaboration: Materials Managers often collaborate with other departments, such as production, finance, and procurement, to ensure that the organization's needs are met.

Overall, a Materials Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that an organization's supply chain is efficient, cost-effective, and supports production and operations. This requires a combination of technical knowledge, strategic thinking, and strong communication and collaboration skills.

What skills do you need to be a materials manager?

To be a successful Materials Manager, a combination of technical and soft skills is required. Here are some of the key skills that are important for a Materials Manager:

Supply chain and logistics expertise: Materials Managers need to have a deep understanding of supply chain management, logistics, procurement, and inventory management. They must understand the factors that influence the supply chain and how to optimize these factors to meet the organization's goals.

Analytical thinking: Materials Managers must be able to analyze complex supply chain data and make informed decisions. They must be able to think critically, evaluate data, and identify opportunities for cost savings and process improvements.

Problem-solving: Materials Managers should have strong problem-solving skills, as they often encounter complex supply chain issues that require creative solutions. They must be able to troubleshoot issues and develop practical solutions.

Communication: Effective communication skills are critical for Materials Managers, as they need to collaborate with other departments, stakeholders, and vendors. They must be able to explain technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and build strong relationships with team members.

Project management: Materials Managers are often responsible for managing complex projects, and they must have strong project management skills. This includes the ability to plan and manage schedules, budgets, and resources.

Technology skills: Materials Managers must have expertise in supply chain management technology, including inventory management systems, procurement systems, and logistics software.

Leadership: Materials Managers must be able to lead and motivate team members to achieve supply chain targets. They should have strong interpersonal skills, be able to delegate tasks, and manage conflict effectively.

Overall, Materials Managers require a combination of technical knowledge, analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication abilities, project management skills, leadership qualities, and supply chain expertise to succeed in the field.

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