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We are looking for a hands-on, multi-hyphenate Design Director to join our creative team. The ideal candidate demonstrates expertise in art direction and design and is responsible for developing bar-raising visual assets and content across all of our marketing communications, including lifestyle and product photography, motion graphics design, packaging, product illustrations, layouts, graphics, and environmental design. You are passionate about customer-focused visual solutions. You are a problem-solver. You are comfortable working in collaboration with various disciplines across the organization to deliver effective marketing campaigns and product experiences. Most of all, you are a leader that can inspire great design thinking throughout the creative group and establish a clear vision for our visual identity.

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We are looking for a Design Director. You have a deep knowledge and/or interest in storytelling and reporting, as well as its distinct power to inform and drive conversation & change. You ignite possibilities and solutions in even the most challenging moments, and you have an innate desire to strive for excellence and progress, through your daily work and your attitude.

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The Design Director is responsible for growing business and reputation by helping win a disproportionate share of the programs that matter, becoming trusted advisors to C-level clients, and serving as the executive sponsor for multiple frog program and account teams. You will be responsible for the culture and quality of the design discipline in a studio or area of practice.

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We're looking for a Design Director to become our design visionary with the experience, skills, and desire to be our lead on all things design–from traditional advertising media to emerging technology and experiences that blur the lines of advertising, content, and products. You will be responsible for leading our design practice and working with a portfolio of local, national, and global clients across a variety of industries to deliver thoughtful design experiences that inspire audiences while solving complex business.

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A Design Director is a key leadership role crucial to teams and client relationships, as well as design outcomes. As a Design Director, you will lead multidisciplinary teams to deliver incredible work throughout all stages of the creative process; immersion, strategy, expression, and implementation. You know how to work with people to get the best out of them and maintain a good studio vibe. You are a compelling storyteller and a brilliant designer. You are flexible and willing to direct the development of concepts across strategy, copy, and design - inspiring others to think laterally to evolve big ideas. You encourage cutting-edge creativity and motivate your teams to go beyond current trends. You enjoy interacting, presenting, and workshopping with clients. You’re confident and can develop positive, natural relationships.

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Job summary 6

The Design Director is responsible for leading and building a collections roadmap that translates our customer’s aesthetic, style, and quality designs. This role will collaborate across the organization to drive the design process, contribute to an innovative portfolio and develop market-leading product solutions to competitively position the company.

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Job summary 7

The right candidate has sharp aesthetic and design skills of their own but also are adept at creating systems, managing projects, and coming up with solutions for others. Our team is vast and the content diverse, so our Design Director should expect to pitch in and do hands-on design work themselves while also creating hands-off processes and guidelines that editorial staff can use daily.

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Job summary 8

We are seeking a Design Director for our department. The Design Director works closely with the Creative Director to manage the design and digital campaigns to meet project/program objectives, in alignment with institutional goals and branding. Provides overall direction to the team, which bridges the gap between print and digital to maintain brand standards, establish cross-functional strategies, and execute deliverables.

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Job summary 9

As a Design Director, you will work with teammates to help develop thoughtful, beautiful design solutions. You will design innovative, integrated solutions across a range of static, dynamic, and interactive media (print, digital, 3D, motion, and environmental). You will be both conceptually and idea-driven, focused on forging meaningful connections with consumers and businesses across a broad range of media. In addition to developing great design solutions, you will also help manage projects by coordinating with team members — both junior and senior — and with clients. This role provides the opportunity to begin developing leadership skills and a unique, discerning point of view as you contribute to the work. Unique and varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences allow us to think bigger, deliver the most impactful results to our clients, and succeed together. Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture where we all feel represented, welcomed, able to contribute, and empowered to achieve our full potential is important to who we are today and who we strive to be tomorrow.

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We are looking for a Design Director.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a design director do?

A design director is a senior-level professional who is responsible for leading and managing the design team of a company or organization. The main role of a design director is to develop and implement design strategies that align with the company's overall business objectives, and to ensure that the design team is producing high-quality work that meets the needs of clients and stakeholders.

Some of the specific responsibilities of a design director may include:

Leading the design team: This involves managing and mentoring the design team, setting goals and priorities, and ensuring that the team is producing high-quality work.

Developing design strategies: This involves developing and implementing design strategies that align with the company's overall business objectives, and that help to differentiate the company from competitors.

Collaborating with other departments: This involves collaborating with other departments, such as marketing and product development, to ensure that design work is integrated into the overall business strategy.

Overseeing design projects: This involves overseeing design projects from conception to completion, ensuring that they are completed on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

Maintaining brand consistency: This involves ensuring that design work is consistent with the company's brand guidelines and that the brand is represented accurately and effectively.

Conducting design research: This involves conducting research on design trends and best practices, and making recommendations for design improvements.

Managing client relationships: This involves managing relationships with clients and stakeholders, and ensuring that design work meets their needs and expectations.

Overall, the design director plays a critical role in leading and managing the design team of a company or organization and is responsible for developing and implementing design strategies, collaborating with other departments, overseeing design projects, maintaining brand consistency, conducting design research, and managing client relationships.

What are the skills of a design director?

The skills required for a design director can vary depending on the specific industry and job responsibilities, but generally include:

Creative thinking: Design directors need to have strong creative thinking skills, and be able to develop innovative and effective design solutions that meet the needs of clients and stakeholders.

Leadership skills: Design directors need to have strong leadership skills, and be able to manage and mentor a team of designers to produce high-quality work.

Strategic thinking: Design directors need to have strong strategic thinking skills, and be able to develop design strategies that align with the company's overall business objectives.

Communication skills: Design directors need to have excellent communication skills, and be able to effectively communicate design concepts and strategies to clients, stakeholders, and other departments within the company.

Project management skills: Design directors need to have strong project management skills, and be able to manage multiple design projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines and staying within budget.

Technical skills: Design directors may need to have technical skills, such as proficiency in using design software or other computer programs.

Knowledge of design principles and trends: Design directors need to have a deep understanding of design principles and trends, and be able to apply them effectively to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders.

Interpersonal skills: Design directors need to have strong interpersonal skills, and be able to collaborate effectively with other departments and stakeholders.

Analytical skills: Design directors need to have strong analytical skills, and be able to analyze design data and trends to identify opportunities for improvement.

Adaptability: Design directors need to be adaptable and able to work in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment.

Overall, the skills required for a design director include creative thinking, leadership skills, strategic thinking, communication skills, project management skills, technical skills, knowledge of design principles and trends, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and adaptability.

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