10 Best Dentist Job Descriptions

Dentist Job summary 1

The duties of the Dentist include, but are not limited to, examining and treating diseases and injuries of teeth and gums. The Dentist performs preventative and comprehensive dentistry and educates the patient in proper tooth and periodontal care. Recommends orthodontics or oral surgery to correct any malformations. Patient population includes pediatric and adult patients.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Dentist Requirements & Skills 1

Dentist Job summary 2

The Dentist is a licensed independent practitioner who practices dentistry and provides oral healthcare and follow-up services for patients. The Dentist provides treatment and preventative services in accordance with state and federal rules and regulations and state dental board standards. The Dentist works with a multi-disciplinary team to provide integrated care for patients, and participates in quality improvement, peer review, and evaluation activities to improve care for patients.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 2

Dentist Requirements & Skills 2

Dentist Job summary 3

We are seeking a dynamic and personable Dentist who is a team player, interested in comprehensive dental care, and who has a keen interest in sharpening existing clinical and management skills.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 3

Dentist Requirements & Skills 3

Dentist Job summary 4

Our Dentist provides the dental services to patients. Abides by the security regulations and the regulations of the institution to which assigned. Provides required documentation of services to the Dental Director or designee in order to monitor compensation for service compliance with contract.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 4

Dentist Requirements & Skills 4

Dentist Job summary 5

As a Dentist, you will enjoy clinical autonomy and a balanced lifestyle at our Clinic.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 5

Dentist Requirements & Skills 5

Dentist Job summary 6

The Dentist position is responsible for providing clinical and preventive dental services to patients. The Dentist is also responsible to participate in additional duties which promotes and furthers dental awareness and health in the community.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 6

Dentist Requirements & Skills 6

Dentist Job summary 7

This position will be responsible for providing quality dental care to dental members including coordinating the dental care provided by internal and external specialists. Serve as a resource in educating dental members in improving their oral health and reducing the risk of future dental disease. Serve in a leadership role as a team member in the delivery of dental care.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 7

Dentist Requirements & Skills 7

Dentist Job summary 8

We are currently seeking a Dentist to work at our Medical Center.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 8

Dentist Requirements & Skills 8

Dentist Job summary 9

We are looking for a Dentist to join our team.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 9

Dentist Requirements & Skills 9

Dentist Job summary 10

We have been experiencing tremendous growth in our patient base, and we’re looking for a Dentist to join our busy group practice.

Dentist Duties & Responsibilities 10

Dentist Requirements & Skills 10

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