10 Best Counselor Job Descriptions

Counselor Job summary 1

The Counselor is a positive, supportive role model who guides and influences group activities on a consistent basis that enhances the patients' confidence and self-esteem. Counselors are the front-line staff facilitating and ensuring each patients’ therapeutic and educational progress. The Counselor will be responsible for delivering evidence-based practices per training, participating in implementation of outdoor education modules, and impacting the lives of patients by encouraging and fostering change.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 1

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Counselor Requirements & Skills 1

Counselor Job summary 2

We are looking for qualified, capable professionals to fill the role of Counselors. As a vital member of our team, the Counselor should be service-oriented with a passion for helping others. Active listening, professionalism, and excellent communications skills are required for success in this role.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 2

Counselor Requirements & Skills 2

Counselor Job summary 3

The Counselor provides support to enhance the quality of patient care by working directly with the patients in a treatment setting and collaboratively as a member of the program's multi-disciplinary team. He/She is responsible for assisting the clinical supervisor with direct clinical patient care, as well as clinically involved administrative tasks as assigned. Working in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary team, she/he will help provide a safe and therapeutic treatment experience for the patients served.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 3

Counselor Requirements & Skills 3

Counselor Job summary 4

The Counselor works with selected students and/or adults to implement individual lesson and behavioral plans. Work is performed using a systems approach that follows the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and other evidence-based teaching methods.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 4

Counselor Requirements & Skills 4

Counselor Job summary 5

We are seeking a Counselor to fill an immediate opening!

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 5

Counselor Requirements & Skills 5

Counselor Job summary 6

This position provides clinical services to adults with identified mental health or substance use diagnosis.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 6

Counselor Requirements & Skills 6

Counselor Job summary 7

We are currently seeking a Counselor to join our excellent team of professionals.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 7

Counselor Requirements & Skills 7

Counselor Job summary 8

We are looking for a Counselor to join our team.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 8

Counselor Requirements & Skills 8

Counselor Job summary 9

As a Counselor, you are responsible for delivering respectful, evidence-based care that helps your clients recover from opiate use and get their lives back. You will work within a team of administrators, physicians and other counselors to ensure that members have the support and accountability they need to succeed in treatment at every step.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 9

Counselor Requirements & Skills 9

Counselor Job summary 10

We are seeking a Counselor.

Counselor Duties & Responsibilities 10

Counselor Requirements & Skills 10

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